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What is Bleisure Travel and How Do I Pack for It?

What is Bleisure Travel and How Do I Pack for It?

Bleisure travel has taken the travel world by storm– transforming the way we travel, the way we relax, and most notably– the way we work. So, what is bleisure travel exactly? And, if you’re venturing out on a bleisure adventure– how do you pack in a way that ensures you’re prepared for all scenarios at hand? In this blog, we’ll help to define what bleisure travel is and how you might go about packing for such a trip with the help of the Truffle collection.

Bleisure Travel

What is Bleisure Travel?

As we enter what some have deemed the ‘Golden Age of Travel’ post-pandemic – we’re seeing an incredible rise in the “bleisure travel” trend, or business + leisure travel.  Let’s first break down the basics of what bleisure travel is, and what might constitute a business + leisure trip.

  • Bleisure travel is defined just as it sounds: a trip taken with part leisurely fun and relaxation, and part business travel in mind. The line between the two is blurred. Sometimes, those travel for business with an extended “leisure” period at the beginning or end. Others travel the full trip with a healthy mixture of work + play interwoven throughout.
  • The bleisure travel trend was largely pandemic-driven, with many employees not returning to work in-office full time. Thus, opening the door for experimentation regarding their “office” setups on any given day.  
  • The change in business travel has created a new type of traveler, one who embraces the freedoms provided through remote work or business travel, and takes full advantage of opportunities to work from wherever. 

Packing Cubes for Bleisure Travel

How Do I Pack for Bleisure Travel?

Contemplating your next bleisure adventure? How exciting! As travel-experts, Truffle’s written the rule book when it comes to packing for bleisure travel. By following these trusty guidelines for packing, and utilizing the exquisite collection of Truffle  travel bags for easy adventures– your next bleisure trip is certain to go off without a hitch. 


Truffle Tips for Bleisure Travel


  • Pack Minimally and Intentionally. When we say minimally– we mean it! There’s plenty of temptation to waaay overpack on bleisure travel trips. It’s completely understandable, considering all of the directions you might be pulled in both professionally, and leisurely. Do your best to create lists that truly highlight the essentials needed for your bleisure trip, and stick to it. Not to mention, if unexpected things pop up you can always buy something along the way to fill in the gaps. Carry-on only is the way to go when it comes to packing minimally — check out Truffle’s Packing List for a Carry-On for the ultimate checklist of minimal packing essentials. 

  • Capsule Wardrobes. At Truffle, we’re huge fans of the capsule wardrobe concept. Capsule wardrobes essentially create a deeply multi-functional set of clothing, shoes, and accessories that work interchangeably with one another to create endless options of outfits. This concept is perfect for bleisure travel, as there might be some scenarios that call for a dress-up, or dress-down situation. Capsule wardrobes styled with Truffle accessories ensure you’re prepared for everything in between.

  • Utilize Packing Cubes. We can’t say enough how much Truffle’s packing cubes will revolutionize your travel game. Honestly, whichever type of travel you’re embarking on, your trip will benefit from the use of packing cubes as a way to organize your essentials. Divvy up your clothes by category/style by using packing cubes, and get the most bang for your buck when it comes to precious suitcase real estate. As a bonus– utilize Truffle’s Ultimate Packing List for a Checked Bag to keep all of your bleisure travel essentials organized. 

  • Brush Up on Your Business Travel Essentials. Business travel is unique, in that it requires a specific set of essentials different from your regular travel adventures. It’s a good idea to make a list of your business-specific needs when embarking on a bleisure trip, that way you can ensure there is no room for forgetting any of the work-specific items needed to get the job done. 

    Bleisure Travel Tips

    Bleisure trips are on the rise– and it’s time to take full advantage of any and all opportunities to see the world + sneak in some R&R whenever possible. Truffle’s got you covered when it comes to all your bleisure packing needs, from our chic selection of travel bags, to our travel resource blogs, to our ultimate packing lists for travel. There’s no better way to travel professionally and in style than with Truffle bags in tow. Happy Truffling!

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