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Truffles for Everyone

They're clearly delightful.

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Show Up Effortlessly Put Together

We all want to look and feel like we’ve got it all together, whether it’s a quick here and there or a jet-setting adventure. Truffle offers easy organization that allows us to carry everything we need while freeing up more time to enjoy the journey.


Replace Less And Enjoy More

We are on a mission to reduce single-use plastic and use high-quality, sustainable materials that ensure your bag lasts more than just a season.

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  • Biodegradable TPU

    Clear components are made with a solvent-free material that is certified for safety by the FDA and NSF.

  • rPET Nylon

    Several of our products feature recycled nylon which is made from 100% upcycled water bottles.

  • Recycled Leather

    As of July 2021, all leather trims on our new products are made from recycled leather to reduce waste.

Truffled Up And Everywhere To Go