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“TRUFFLE was inspired by our love of handbags and frustration with the cluttered chaos that inevitably evolves inside of them. Our mission: to reimagine the way we carry our everyday essentials. We set out to create thoughtful solutions that delight at first sight yet effortlessly organize what's uniquely important to you. With the overwhelming success of our first clear pouch released in the summer of 2012, we knew we were onto something. We hope you think so too.”




see what you need We believe that clear is critical. To see the contents inside your handbag or tote is half the battle of feeling organized. Our clear designs enable quick access and protection for your valued essentials.

air travel and event compliant We purposely designed our clear collections to include TSA/event compliant styles that may also be used for everyday purposes.

uniquely your own No two TRUFFLEs are filled alike. Express yourself. Flaunt your insides.


Every TRUFFLE is designed with a multitasking purpose - to be repeatedly filled with a multitude of items and reliably accompany you on your daily adventures. The sleek, flat profile of many of our products are designed to tidy with efficiency and lighten the load for ease of transfer from one bag to another or simply be carried alone.


Our products are intentionally reusable, crafted from the highest quality eco-friendly materials that are both durable and easy to clean. The clear plastic components of a TRUFFLE are made with biodegradable TPU, a solvent-free material that is certified for safety by the FDA and NSF.