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How to Pack for Business Travel

How to Pack for Business Travel

Business travel has its perks, as well as its pitfalls. Networking with new people, enjoying unseen places, racking up travel miles – all accompanied with the unavoidable stresses of traveling, disruption to your routine, and logistical headaches. Wondering how to pack for business travel in an organized, and stress free way? Truffle travel bags are perfect accessories for adding clarity and efficiency to your business travel experiences – so let’s run through some tips for frequent business travelers packing routines, and some of our favorite accompanying Truffle bags for looking chic along the way.

Business Travel Packing Tips

Business Travel Packing Tips


Separate Your Toiletries

    If you’re a frequent business traveler– it’s essential to create a separate set of toiletries just for travel purposes. A stressful aspect of business travel is packing beforehand – making sure you have the necessary tools to work from anywhere (Wardrobe, tech devices, travel information etc). By creating a separate toiletry set of makeup, cosmetics, skin-care products, and hygiene essentials that are all travel sized and prepacked, you eliminate one giant step of your packing process and avoid any possibility of arriving at your destination missing an essential self-care item. For perfect toiletry packing, we recommend the Clarity Jetset Case or Vanity Pouch Set for exceptional style and organization. 

    Brush Up on the 311 TSA Rule for Travel

      As a frequent business traveler, you’re likely a pro when it comes to packing liquids that meet the carry-on criteria. But just in case you need a full run-down or refresher on exactly what the TSA 3-1-1 liquids rule is, this blog has got you covered. Not to mention, Truffle has an entire line dedicated to sleek, travel-appropriate bags, pouches, and cases that are expertly tailored to satisfy the requirements of TSA. Shop away!

      Truffle Business Packing Tips for Traveling

      Utilize Carry-ons

        When traveling for business– time is money. You may be rushing straight from a flight to a meet and greet, or an afternoon business lunch. If that’s the case, you’ll want all the time you can get from the moment your plane touches down to your first agenda item. Utilizing carry-ons not only helps you avoid the common trap of overpacking, but it also saves you precious time when you land. No one enjoys waiting for luggage at the carousel, so skip the headache altogether by utilizing carry-on bags only. Curious how you can optimize your carry-on for business travel? Shop the Truffle collections of Travel Favorites, Tech Organization Bags, and TSA Approved travel must-haves for some inspiration. 

        Fly Non-Stop

          This tip goes for all travel, but especially for business travelers who are jetsetting frequently. The more times you touch down, the more possibilities for flight delays, or other issues along the way. It’s best to always try to book non-stop flights as a rule of thumb for traveling. But, if you’re stuck with an unavoidable layover – we recommend taking advantage of the business lounge spaces in order to stay productive during downtime and avoid the often stressful environment near the flight gates.

          Packing Cubes for Business travel

          Use Packing Cubes

            As a frequent traveler, figuring out how to pack for a business trip can ensure you have everything you need at your destination. This starts with the use of one of our favorite luggage accessories – Packing Cubes. Packing cubes will help to keep your dress shirts crisp and separate from clunkier items like your running shoes, or hair straightener. They are also a great way to save space, and keep items visible for ease of access. Curious how to use packing cubes effectively to maximize space? Check out our Packing Cubes blog where we run through all of our favorite tips. 

            Invest in a Portable Charging Block

              Portable charging blocks can be a lifesaver in instances when outlets are hard to find, or are crowded with other users. Airports, hotel lobbies, and coffee shops are all possible work stations when you’re traveling for business, but what do you do if outlets aren’t available? Devices losing power is a huge stressor when traveling for business – so a trustworthy portable charging block is well worth the investment to ensure you’re charged up and ready to work from wherever your trip might take you.

              Apply for TSA Pre or Clear

                Nothing is more stressful than running late for a flight and getting tied up in a long security line. With TSA Pre or Clear, you have a more expedited process in security because you've already gone through a government pre-check. Both have a fee associated with them, but applications and enrollment is easy - some major airports have enrollment onsite. Keep your government-issued ID handy in our Privacy Card Case.

                Keep Backup Clothing on Hand

                  Post-flight or in between meetings you may need a refresher on your wardrobe to keep yourself looking and feeling presentable. We can’t predict coffee spills from turbulence, hot sauce stains from breakfast on the go, or wrinkled shirts from sitting in the back of a long uber drive. Having a clean and fresh option will give you peace of mind that regardless of the curveballs that may get thrown your way, you always have a backup option to look your best.

                  Store Your Receipts Neatly

                    Truffle Business Packing Tips

                    When traveling for business, it’s likely you’ll pay for certain expenses up front and be reimbursed later. That means it’s up to you to stay organized and on top of your receipts throughout your trip. We love the Truffle Clarity Clutch Mini for organizing and safely stowing all travel receipts and documentation. Stay organized with the clarity of Truffle!



                    Use a Checkpoint Bag

                      Checkpoint bags should be hands free, versatile, and smaller in size to make carrying those checkpoint items easier with quick access. Keep your passport, boarding pass, hotel information, and cellphone all within reach by using our favorite Spectator Bag, perfect for hands free travel – making your business trip that much easier while maintaining a chic and professional look. 

                      Truffles and travels go hand in hand, providing you with the perfect balance of professionalism, fashionable design, and trustworthy craftsmanship. Designed with clarity in mind, our collection of business travel bags are essential for every step of your journey. Happy Truffling! 

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