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How to Avoid Overpacking

We can all think of a trip we’ve taken when we were way overpacked and ended up with an overpacked suitcase filled with items we never wound up using. Follow this list of tips for avoiding overpacking on your next vacation – keeping your suitcase manageable with plenty of room for the souvenirs you pick up along the way.
How To Avoid Overpacking a Full Suitcase

How to Not Overpack

We can all think of a trip we’ve taken when we were way overpacked and ended up with an overpacked suitcase filled with items we never wound up using. Follow this list of tips for avoiding overpacking on your next vacation – keeping your suitcase manageable with plenty of room for the souvenirs you pick up along the way.

How to not overpack with Truffle Bags


Write a Checklist Before Packing

Before you even pull the suitcase out of storage, pick up the pen and paper (or notes app) and write your list of must-haves for your trip. Take into consideration all of the factors at play– How long is your trip? What is the weather like where you’re headed? How formal or informal are the events? All of these aspects play into the necessities for your trip, and drilling down your needs before opening up your wardrobe will help you to stay organized.

Looking for more resources on packing lists for vacation? Check out our full list of packing lists for a deep dive into all travel-specific necessities!

Do Your Research

The internet has made researching for vacation a must, with endless resources, guides, tips, and cautionary tales. Take some time, before packing, to research your destination. Get insight from others who have visited your destination recently, check the weather trends to get a sense of what conditions you can expect, and scope out some top rated restaurants you can have in your back pocket if things go awry.

Walking with suitcase packed for trip



Pick the Right Suitcase

Choosing an appropriate suitcase size depends on the scope of your trip, and should be your next step after creating your travel checklist. Long weekends or 3-4 day jaunts? We recommend sticking to a carry-on size for airport ease and flexibility. 5-7+ day extended stays? Bump your luggage size into the checked-bag territory to ensure you have enough options throughout your journey, and extra space for souvenirs. Truffle’s extensive collection of TSA Approved Toiletry Bags provides you with endless space-saving options for your cosmetics. If you’re looking for a thorough explanation of the TSA 311 Rule, head to our blog that explains these requirements top to bottom.

Interchangeable Outfits

When you start packing clothes for your trip– it’s best to think in terms of complete outfits, rather than individual pieces. In doing so, you can stretch certain items (think: shoes, jackets, shorts) across multiple days, or multiple events. Having versatility and interchangeability in your packed items helped to increase your outfit options, and downsize your overall load. For more information on building a minimalist capsule wardrobe with expert versatility, head to our summer capsule wardrobe blog where we lay out all the essentials.


Packing cubes used to avoid overpacking

Don’t Pack to Capacity

If it takes a small army to zipper your suitcase closed, you might be overpacking. Something to consider when filling your suitcase is: you’re likely to pick up more items along the way throughout your trip. Also, dirty clothes take up more space than cleanly folded clothes do. For these reasons, not packing to capacity will ensure you’ll have enough space to accommodate extra items at the end of your stay. For expert suitcase packing, we highly recommend utilizing the Truffle Clarity Packing Cube Trio, paired with our guide for using packing cubes effectively


Avoid ‘But What If…” Items

It’s easy to resort to survival mode when packing for extended stays outside of the comfort of your home. Fears like “What if I run out of my good conditioner? What if my shoe gives me blisters? What if I spill coffee on my go-to jacket?” are all unlocked as we downsize our wardrobe for our destination. While these ‘But What If…” scenarios aren’t entirely unlikely, we don’t recommend packing in survival mode to accommodate for every scenario. Stick to what you know for certain you’ll need, and give yourself credit to adapt and adjust accordingly to any unexpected situations that arise on your journey.


Avoid Overpacking with Truffle


Avoid Overpacking on Your Next Trip 

Packing for vacation doesn’t have to be stressful, and overpacking shouldn’t be the norm! Use these tips to avoid overpacking for your next big trip, and shop the Truffle collection for all of your go-to travel essentials that will keep your journey clear, and stress-free. Happy Truffling!

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