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Clean Truffles. Happy Planet.

Keeping your Truffles in like-new condition is a beautiful way to stop the use of single-use plastic for good. With just a little TLC, it’s easy to keep your Truffles as beautiful as the day you got them.

  • Avoid excessive exposure to heat

    Leaving your Truffle in direct sunlight for a long time can cause warping or fading. Also be careful of hot curling irons or straighteners. Meltdowns of any kind are never fun!

  • Do not submerge in water

    Truffles are water resistant which means a little rain, leaky bottle, or splash won’t do any damage. However, a dip in the pool is definitely not a good idea.

  • Stay away from harsh chemicals

    Contact with harsh solvents like alcohol or acetone-based products can potentially damage your Truffle. If it needs a cleaning, follow our recommendations below.

How To Clean Video

Nothing but clear Truffles ahead

Clear Care

It's easy to refresh your Truffles like new. Fogginess/cloudiness is a natural side effect of our biodegradable TPU plastic, and we know it's possible that your bag will take on a makeup spill or two. We recommend an inexpensive, easy to find plastic polish set, Novus 1&2, along with a soft cloth. We're always here to help, so feel free to email us anytime.

We love perfect edges

Trim Care

For leather trims, use a quality leather cleaning product. For our TPU-coated recycled nylon, we recommend gentle, non-abrasive soap and a damp soft cloth.

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