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Tech Pouches and Tech Organizers for Simplifying Your Work Life

Tech Pouches and Tech Organizers for Simplifying Your Work Life

Work-life has been looking undeniably different in the past few years. For some, your laptops have become the focal point of your workday. For others, your tech devices are your top commuting companions, joining you on your treks from home to office.

Any environment can double as office space– so how do we best optimize these spaces for work productivity, and how do we juggle the growing list of tech essentials for daily work?

Let’s run through three common workspace setups, and how you can optimize them using Truffle’s collection of tech organizers and tech pouches. Simplify your workflow, and organize your tech essentials with this list of our favorite Truffle’s ideal for the on-the-go commuter, work from home aficionado, or work-from-anywhere tech-loving digital nomad.

WFH Tips for Keeping Your Tech In Order

Let’s face it, working from home affords employees some major benefits– working parents spending more time with their children, less time and money spent commuting, plus trading in business casual for your comfiest pair of leggings. 

However, our living quarters have transformed into offices seemingly overnight. That’s a lot of devices now living full-time in your home, causing potential eyesores wherever your workspace may be. Studies have shown that not only is working within a decluttered space energizing, but it also promotes greater levels of self-efficacy and reduces anxiety!

Now that your office-tech lives at home full-time, let’s create systems for maintaining order, keeping your desk clutter-free, and always knowing where extra chargers live (for those unavoidable times they go MIA).

Truffle Clarity Petite Tech Case
Clarity Petite Tech Case

One of our favorite WFH tips is to always assign designated stowaway places for our smaller tech devices. As time goes on, tech devices will continue to get smaller– increasing the risk of misplacing and losing these pricey essentials. The Clarity Petite Tech Case is perfect for smaller devices–think Airpods, smaller charging cords, charging cubes, USB drives, SD Memory Cards, and more. Assigning this tech case as your desk cord organizer is an effective way to keep your WFH space decluttered while avoiding having them get lost in the mix.

Truffle Clarity Jetset Tech Case
Truffle Clarity Jetset Tech Case

While tech undoubtedly makes life easier in many ways, it doesn’t always fit the style and design of our homes. Truffle designed structured tech cases with thoughtful functionality in mind, and a minimalistic profile for maintaining aesthetic consistency. Larger tech devices like over-ear headphones, computer chargers, cable adapters, HDMI cords, and power banks are critical for keeping our work life in motion. However, we don’t always want them on full-frontal display. The Truffle Clarity Jetset Tech Case can house your larger essentials, keeping them within arms reachbut strategically out of sight. Sit your Clarity Jetset Tech Case on top of your desk for easy access, or purchase multiple and create the ultimate organizational system in your desk drawer, or on a shelf.

Keeping Your Tech Organized While Commuting to Work

For our daily commuters and hybrid workers, keeping your tech items in check is an absolute must. With the back and forth of commuting, there is always the risk of leaving an essential item in one place or another, only to find your workday halted as you try to carry out tasks with missing devices or chargers. 

Truffle’s collection of tech cases is designed with the intention of keeping your commute simple. When each item lives in a designated tech case, it’s much easier to ensure all devices are accounted for, and you’re on track to win the day. 

Clarity Tech Clutch for Tech Organization
Clarity Tech Clutch

Consider the Clarity Tech Clutch your non-negotiable commuting companion. Designed with purpose, the clear nature of this tech pouch gives you immediate confirmation of what’s inside. Kindle? Check. iPad? Check. External Hard Drive? Check. Nothing creates greater ease, organization, and protection like the Clarity Tech Clutch. Slip this slim see-through tech pouch into your work tote, and never dig worriedly at the bottom of your bag again. Simple, yet refined– this tech organizer is sure to be your next commuting must-have and an absolute favorite around the office.

Truffle Multi Tasking Tech Pouch Set
Privacy Multitasking Tech Pouch Set

Commuters are multi-tasking experts. Keeping track of public transportation schedules, traffic volume, train tickets, coffee pitstops, and meeting schedules– there are a lot of things on your mind before 9:00 AM even rolls around! The perfect tech pouch should multitask as well as you do. The Truffle Multi-Tasking Tech Pouch Set is equal parts chic and subtle. Housing your tech essentials of all shapes and sizes, this set is the perfect complement to any busy commuter morning. Bring along just one, or nest the set within your work tote for the ultimate on-the-go organization system. 

The Digital Nomad: Tech Organizers for On-the-Go Professionals

The opportunity for fully-remote work has made way for a growing number of digital nomads in the professional workforce. Digital nomads are location-independent and therefore rely solely on tech devices to perform their jobs and keep connected with their employers. For this reason, they favor simple, light, and minimalistic work setups as a means of keeping their travel easy. 

Minimalistic tech setups on the go require every item to serve a specific purpose. Truffle’s collection of tech pouches and tech cases is perfect for professionals whose workspace changes from day to day. Whether you’re working out of coffee shops, hotels, or a sandy beach resort – make sure your minimalist setup is stowed away safely from destination to destination. 

Truffle Clarity Mini Jetset Tech Case
Clarity Mini Jetset Case

If there’s one lesson learned quickly by experienced travelers, it’s how to pare down their luggage to the bare essentials. The Truffle Clarity Mini Jetset Tech Case demonstrates how big things can come in small packages. The “less is more” mentality of on-the-go professionals is embodied in this mini tech case with endless possibilities. Smaller tech essentials have the greatest potential to go missing, especially when each day brings a new workspace. Stay on top of your organization with this simple, structured small travel cord organizer– providing both security and safety for your precious tech accessories, while maintaining a modern and aesthetically pleasing design– perfect for the professional jetsetter.

Truffle Clarity Jetset Tech Case
Clarity Jetset Tech Case

For traveling professionals looking for a more robust tech organizer, we recommend the Truffle Clarity Jetset Tech Case. With the same elegant design elements as our Jetset Mini, this Jetset Tech Case is scaled up in size for roomier applications and possibilities for travel. Plus, this Jetset Tech Case is TSA-Approved, adding another layer of ease to your on-the-go lifestyle. Pack this structured case with charging cords, adaptor cables, portable charging blocks, headphones, or your Bluetooth mouse. Let the Jetset Tech Case act as a blank canvas for you to customize based on your individual tech accessory needs.

While workspaces have certainly changed in recent years, there’s no need to sacrifice organization and design when it comes to your commuter lifestyle or WFH environment. Explore our Tech Organization collection to see all of our favorite Truffles for “tech-ing” in style. Happy Truffling!



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