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  • hot-pink-leather
  • hot-pink-leather
  • truffle clarity petite case is a small clear plastic case
  • truffle clarity petite case is a small clear case
Biodegradable TPU

Clarity Petite Case

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Color Hot Pink - Leather

Our newest Petite Case is perfect for stowing your mini essentials including lip balms, hair ties, Air Pods, and charging cords. Toss it in your everyday tote or keep it at the ready in your carry-on when traveling.


Dimensions: 4” W X 2" H X 4” D
Weight: 4.1 oz
Eco-friendly, biodegradable, solvent-free TPU
Napa leather trim
Gold-plated double pull zip closure

More about Clarity Petite Case

What material is the Petite Case made of?

The mini case is made of biodegradable TPU plastic and the trim is made with recycled leather trim. This a chic, eco-friendly, and pragmatic solution for effortless organization.

What can I fit in the small plastic case?

The clear plastic case can hold lipstick, scrunchies, earrings, and even nail polish bottles. This mini case is 4” wide, 2" tall, and 4” deep, making it perfect for storing your smaller essentials in your purse or tote bag. You can even use it to help organize your toiletry bag when you travel. 

What is the small clear case used for?

The Petite Case can also be used for easy technology accessory storage. It can help keep your AirPods, charging cords, or USB cords safe and organized. The small plastic case can protect your cords from tangling with other objects or getting lost by keeping them separate. 

What colors does the clear plastic case come in?

The small plastic case comes in black, blush, chalk, dove grey, hot pink, lilac, red, sapphire,  and toffee. These colors are perfect for subtly matching your tote bag with classic neutrals or adding a pop of color for some fun.

How do I clean the Petite Case?

The small clear case is designed for easy maintenance. The leather trim can be cleaned with gentle, non-abrasive soap and a damp soft cloth. Over time, the TPU might develop some cloudiness, but refreshing it is simple: 

  • Routine cleaning - use your preferred essential oil with a soft cloth. 
  • Deep cleaning and polishing - we recommend Novus Plastic Clean & Shine #1 and #2

See our Care & Cleaning Guide for more cleaning tips

Will the clear mini case fit in my shoulder bag?

Yes! The Petite Case can fit in the Truffle Crossbody Carryall and the Spectator Bag. This makes it easy to stay organized when you are running errands, going to events, or having a night out. Keep your accessories safe with the small clear plastic case.

The Perfect Truffle For...

  • Beauty Must-Haves

    • Lipstick
    • Brushes
    • Mascara
    • Hair Ties
  • Everyday Essentials

    • Keys
    • Credit Cards
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Band-Aids
  • Treasured Pieces

    • Rings
    • Necklaces
    • Earrings
    • Love Notes