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Hospital Bag Organization with Truffles

After months of preparation– nursery decorating, baby proofing, and diaper accumulating– it’s time to put together mom’s hospital bag for the beautiful delivery!
Hospital Bag Organization with Truffles

Hospital Bag Organization

The time has finally come! After months of preparation– nursery decorating, baby proofing, and diaper accumulating– it’s time to put together mom’s hospital bag for the beautiful delivery! Maybe you’ve got your oversized tote or duffle on standby, ready for the task at hand – but how do you keep your hospital bag organized, and ensure you’ve got everything mom needs?

That’s where Truffle comes in. Truffle’s best selling  bag organizers are created with fast-paced days and busy schedules in mind. When you’re in the midst of your delivery, you’ll want everything on hand and in sight. In this blog we’ll run through some of our favorite Truffle pouches, cases, and clutches – designed with clarity in mind, perfect for the ultimate hospital bag organization.
Truffle Pouches, Cases, Clutches for Organizing Your Hospital Bag
train case for hospital bag organization

Clarity Jumbo Train Case

The tried and true Clarity Jumbo Train Case is a best seller and timeless favorite for good reason. We love this oversized case for its versatility and size, perfect for stowing away a plethora of self care items needed during your delivery. When it comes to hospital bag organization, this jumbo sized case is the perfect carryall for all of mom’s self-care must-haves during delivery.
Perfect for stowing away items like:
  • Hairbrush
  • Scrunchies
  • Headbands
  • Lip Balm
  • Pre Packed Snacks (Trail mix, crackers, granola bar)
  • Toothbrush/ Toothpaste
    Clear pouch for hospital bag organization


    Clarity Pouch Small

    The Clarity Pouch Small is the perfect bedside item for holding mom’s accessories that she needs within arm’s reach. Designed with a flat bottom so it can sit upright on her bedside table, this small pouch is perfect for holding smaller items. Consider this hospital bag organizer for use in larger totes or duffels to ensure important items aren’t misplaced amongst all of the excitement.
    Perfect for more delicate accessories like: 
    • Airpods
    • Cellphone and Charger
    • Eyeglasses
    • Photo ID
    • Insurance Card or Birthing Plan Information
      Clear case for hospital bag organization

      Clarity Jumbo Jetset Case

      Maybe you’d like to have the option to further compartmentalize your hospital bag accessories, keeping them easy to access and in sight. In that case, we highly recommend the Clarity Jumbo Jetset Case. Newly redesigned with dual zippers for access to both sides of the cases’ compartments– this case is perfect for hospital bag organization of tech accessories and toiletries. 
      Optimize each side of the Jumbo Jetset Case by stashing items like:
      • Portable Charger
      • Charging Cables
      • Smart Watch
      • Airpods
      • Lip Balm
      • Essential Oils for Relaxation
      • Face Wipes
      • Extra Snacks (For mom and dad)
      crossbody bag for hospital bag organization

      Clarity Spectator Bag

      The Clarity Spectator Bag is perfect for hospital bag organization because of its versatility and hands-free design. Mom will certainly have her hands full on the day of her delivery, but that doesn’t mean she won’t need her essentials by her side. The Spectator bag is easy to pass off from mom, to dad, to grandma, or whomever is a part of the delivery day experience. This bag is perfect for organizing mom-specific necessities, and is easy to slip on securely. 
      Utilize the Spectator Bag for Mom’s Essentials like:
      • Cellphone
      • Camera
      • Wallet
      • ID Cards
      • Hand Sanitizer
      • Face Mask
      • Airpods 
        packing cube hospital bag organization

        Clarity Packing Cube Trio

        When it comes to larger accessories for organizing a hospital bag, nothing beats the organization benefits of the Packing Cube Trio. Not all accessories mom needs are small enough to fit inside some of the other cases and pouches on this list, which is where the Packing Cube Trio comes in. 
        Perfect for larger accessories and comfort items like:
        • Extra Sweats
        • PJs or Robe
        • Slip-on Shoes
        • Cozy Socks
        • Going home clothes
        • Nursing Bras/ Tanks
          Your delivery day is certain to be a whirlwind of events, which is why taking the time to properly organize your hospital bag is essential. You’ve decided what you need to pack, now the question is how to pack it. With Truffle’s functional and stylish selection of clear pouches, clear cases, and clear organizers– packing for your hospital stay is certain to be a breeze. Ensure that you’re prepared and arrive in style when you shop the Truffle collection of hospital bag organizers. Happy Truffling!

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