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  • toffee-nylon
  • toffee-nylon
  • Clarity Pouch Medium
  • Clarity Pouch Medium
  • Clarity Pouch Medium
  • Clarity Pouch Medium
Biodegradable TPU

Clarity Pouch Medium

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Color Toffee - Nylon
This medium size clear makeup bag features a wide zip opening for easy access and is trimmed in wipeable TPU coated rPet nylon or canvas for quick cleaning. Stash sunscreen and beauty balms or tidy your tech cords and back-up batteries.


Dimensions: 10 1/4” L X 8” H X 2 1/2" W
Weight: 5.3 oz
Eco-friendly, biodegradable, solvent-free TPU
TPU-coated durable, wipeable, eco-friendly rPET nylon (100% post-consumer recycled plastic)
Vegan leather trim
Durable plastic zip closure

More about Clarity Pouch Medium

What material is this clear zipper pouch made of?

The Medium Clarity Pouch is made of biodegradable TPU plastic and the trim is made with rPET nylon (made from 100% post consumer plastic water bottles, making this a chic, eco-conscious, and pragmatic solution for effortless organization.

What are the best uses for this clear pouch bag?

The Clarity Pouch Medium is the perfect clear bag organizer for a large purse or a beach bag. It’s the ideal size to help de-clutter larger bags while also being transparent so you can easily find what you need.

What colors does the Clarity Pouch Medium come in?

We are regularly adding new limited edition colors of this clear travel pouch for each season. Our core colorways are dove grey, toffee, black, ivory, hot pink, beige, and blush pink.

What can I fit in this clear pouch with zipper?

The Medium Clarity Pouch is perfect for organizing your purse or your beach bag. Your chords,  beauty balms, and extra hair ties all fit neatly. For your beach bag, stash your sunscreen, chapstick, hand wipes, and sunglasses. The exact dimensions are 10 1/4” X 8” X 2 1/2”.

Does the clear part of this clear makeup pouch get cloudy over time?

Sometimes the biodegradable TPU can become cloudy over time, but it’s easy to refresh the Clarity Pouch Medium. When cleaning the  TPU, we recommend using your favorite essential oil and a soft cloth. For tougher jobs, #1 and #2 Novus Plastic Clean & Shine is a great option for cleaning and polishing plastic.

Is the Clarity Pouch Medium waterproof?

Our clear zipper pouch is water-resistant enough for some light rain or a leaky bottle, but we do not recommend submerging it in water. If you’re using it to organize your beach bag, the Clarity Pouch will protect your items from the sand. For full instructions, visit our care and cleaning page.

Not Sure What Size To Pick?

  • Clarity Pouch Small
    9 in 7 in 2 in

    Dimensions compare to a quart size bag and adheres to the 3-1-1 TSA liquids rule.

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  • Clarity Pouch Medium
    10.25 in 8 in 2.5 in

    Stash sunscreen and beauty balms or tidy your tech cords and back-up batteries.

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  • Clarity Pouch Large
    12 in 9.5 in 3 in

    Our roomiest pouch for packing full size bottles, tubes and brushes and can be chicly stowed in a beach bag or checked luggage.

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