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  • blush-nylon
  • blush-nylon
  • truffle packing cube trio are the perfect see through packing cubes for travel
Biodegradable TPU
Recycled Nylon

Clarity Packing Cube Trio

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Color Blush - Nylon

Make traveling effortless and save precious space in your suitcase with our ultra-lightweight travel packing cubes. These see-through packing cubes ensure you can find what you need at a glance while double zippers allow for quick access. Sold as a set of three.


Large Cube Dimensions: 17" L x 12" W x 3" D
Weight: 7.8 oz

Medium Cube Dimensions: 12" L x 11" W x 3"D
Weight: 6.0 oz

Small Cube Dinensions: 12" L x 8" W 3" D
Weight: 4.8 oz

Eco-friendly clear TPU lid
Durable, eco-friendly rPET nylon (100% post-consumer recycled plastic)
Nylon zip closure

More about Clarity Packing Cube Trio

What material is the Packing Cube Trio made of?

The Truffle packing cubes are made of biodegradable TPU plastic and the trim is made with recycled nylon. This a chic, eco-friendly, and pragmatic solution for effortless organization.

What is a travel cube?

A travel cube is a type of suitcase organizer. Each cube can be designated for different types of clothing such as intimates, socks, or T-shirts. The Clarity Packing Cube Trio offers various-sized clear travel cubes, making it easy to know where everything is. This storage method offers versatility and convenience. 

What can I fit in the Packing Cube Trio?

The clear packing cubes are extremely versatile. They can fit toiletries, sneakers, and anything else you may need to pack away. These storage cubes help organize your suitcase by separating the day clothes from the night clothes or your bathroom essentials from your tennis shoes. The eco-friendly cube sizes are:

  • Small Cube: perfect for storing socks, hand towels or toiletries
  • Medium Cube: store jeans, t-shirts, or makeup
  • Large Cube: hair styling products such as curlers, flat irons, sneakers, or sweaters.

What are packing cubes used for?

The Clarity Packing Cube Trio can be used to hold anything and everything. It is commonly used to organize suitcases, put them in your bathroom, pack away your seasonal clothing, or even in your car to organize your daily essentials for on-the-go. 

What colors does the Packing Cube Trio come in?

The travel packing cubes come in black, blush, dove grey, and toffee. These colors are perfect for blending into your interior design or luggage sets. You can be subtle with the classic neutrals or add a pop of color.

How do I clean the Packing Cube Trio?

The eco-friendly packing cubes are designed for easy maintenance. Over time, the TPU might develop some cloudiness, but refreshing it is simple:

  • Routine cleaning - use your preferred essential oil with a soft cloth. 
  • Deep cleaning and polishing - we recommend Novus Plastic Clean & Shine #1 and #2
  • See our Care & Cleaning Guide for more cleaning tips

Will the Packing Cubes fit in my carry-on luggage?

Yes! The Clarity Packing Cube Trio can fit and organize your suitcase. The standard carry-on suitcase size is 25” tall x 18” wide and our cubes fit perfectly inside most bags. Check out our other travel-friendly and TSA-approved bags.

The Perfect Truffle For...

  • Toiletries

    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Bobby Pins
    • Tweezers
  • Packing Organization

    • T-Shirts
    • Sneakers
    • Socks
    • Lingerie