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What to Pack for a Cruise

What to Pack for a Cruise

If you’re embarking on a cruise, you may be wondering how packing for a cruise might differ from other forms of travel. With ongoing updates to rules, regulations, and itineraries, it’s important to be up to date on all safety and security protocols. Let’s delve into the dos and don’ts of what to pack for a cruise to ensure you have all of the essentials needed for a worry-free vacation.

Do Cruises Have Bag Requirements Like the TSA?

If you’ve traveled by plane, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised with the rules surrounding cruise luggage regulations. Compared to the strict TSA 311 Rule, cruise passengers are typically afforded greater flexibility regarding luggage capacity and acceptable items to bring on board. Passengers are at liberty to bring cosmetics, beauty, haircare, and other self-care cruise essentials in their standard sizes. This generally poses the greatest inconvenience when traveling by plane, but cruise guests should liken their packing list to that of a hotel stay– rather than that of plane travel. 

However, each cruise line will specify its assigned list of unacceptable items, so we recommend you check the specifications before boarding. It is standard practice on any cruise line for personal alcohol, firearms/weapons, and fire hazards to be confiscated before boarding in both original and port-city destinations. 

We recommend you limit your luggage selection to one personal item and one larger carry-on. This way transportation to the port, to your room, and back home are facilitated with ease.

Cruise Packing List

Now that we’ve covered cruise ship packing regulations, let’s map out your cruise packing list. Top-tier packing for a cruise begins with the versatility and multifunctionality of the items you bring. Whether it’s a slip dress that can be worn poolside one day, and casually on a port-city excursion the next– or the perfect day-to-night crossbody carryall bag that keeps your must-haves secure from sandy beaches to happy hour. Getting the most out of your cruise essentials will keep travel light, easy, and effortlessly elegant. 

Let’s look through some of the more common cruise activities and the accompanying Truffle cruise essentials we recommend that will keep you organized and in style from dusk to dawn.

Packing for a Cruise

Do you hate the feeling of opening your well-packed suitcase only to find your items have been completely scattered during travel? We do too. Especially when high-value items like tech chargers, tablets, travel documents,  jewelry, cosmetics, and skincare products are involved. When packing for a cruise – consider the Clarity Packing Cube Trio your newest essential. Make traveling effortless and save precious space in your suitcase with the ultra-lightweight travel packing cubes. These see-through packing cubes ensure you can find what you need at a glance, while their double zippers allow for quick access for those on-the-go moments.


Truffle Packing Cube Trio Cruise Essential

Cruise Ship Essentials for Your Days at Sea

The Clarity Everyday Tote is the perfect companion for laying poolside on the boat deck as you open the first pages of your vacation novel. Toss in your towel and sneakers and head right to the fitness center or spa– this tote lives up to its name as our favorite everyday companion and cruise essential. 

Looking for greater privacy? We recommend pairing the Everyday Tote with the Vanity Pouch Set to keep your daily essentials private, and safe from any water or sand exposure.


Truffle Everyday Tote Cruise Essential


After the sun sets and you shift into evening wear, pick up your Clarity Clutch Small or Privacy Traveler Wallet as sleeker, subtler options for dinner and drinks. Carry your smaller essentials confidentially- from your room key to your passport to cash. Move throughout your on-deck evening activities knowing your nighttime cruise essentials are securely by your side.


Truffle Privacy Wallet Cruise Essential


Packing for Your Cruise Day-Trips

Diving into the culture, the scenery, the nightlife, and the natural beauty of the port-city destinations make cruises some of the most sought-after vacation experiences. Truffle travel favorites are where thoughtful functionality meets modern chic design. When it comes to the variety of day trips you’ll be experiencing on your cruise vacation, Truffle provides the perfect companion. Let your Truffle securely carry your valuables, so you can focus on making memories that will last a lifetime.  

We’ve broken down some of our favorite cruise vacation day trips, and the Truffle companion that is up to the task for your all-day on-the-go demands.



You’ll want your camera, phone, and wallet at the ready for any photo-ops or souvenirs that may come your way. The Privacy Traveler Wallet discretely and securely holds currencies, passports, or a cellphone as needed throughout your picturesque journey. Want to go hands-free? Opt for the Clarity Crossbody Carryall, the perfect option for all-day excursions that holds all your cruise essentials while giving a modern silhouette.


Car rides down a scenic coastline, or guided tours through the open countryside – you’ll want to focus on the beauty in front of you. Stay organized and stress-free with the Privacy Multi-Tasking Pouch Set. The perfect organizational cruise essential, that will keep your belongings secure as you soak in the views.


Whether you are horseback riding, parasailing, or hiking – there’s a Truffle up to the task. For more active pursuits, we love the Clarity Convertible Belt Bag for its versatility and design. Keep your hands free and your essentials secure. Pair it with a Clarity Mini Jetset Case for added levels of organization and security for phone chargers, lip balms, or sunscreens. 


Looking for something minimal and sleek to hold the essentials? For dining out, we love the Clarity Clutch Mini, especially when paired with the Wristlet Strap for added hands-free ease. Slide the Clarity Clutch Mini around your wrist for simplified carrying, while adding the perfect level of class and style to your culinary adventures. 

Explore the abundant collection of Truffle Travel Favorites and Truffle Packing Lists for even more vacation inspo, and experience your next cruise with outstanding levels of organization and stress-free bliss. Happy Truffling!


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