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Truffle’s Top Travel Destinations in 2023

Road trips, bachelorette parties, honeymoons, girls’ trips: we’ve all been bitten by the travel bug since spending the last few years travel-limited. Now’s the time for the most pressing question: Where to go?
Truffle’s Top Travel Destinations in 2023

Road trips, bachelorette parties, honeymoons, girls’ trips: we’ve all been bitten by the travel bug since spending the last few years travel-limited. Now’s the time for the most pressing question: Where to go? In this blog we feature our favorite destinations for travel on the top of Truffle’s bucket list for 2023, and all of the Truffle travel favorites you can’t leave home without. So, where are we headed in 2023, and what Truffle’s are we bringing along with us? Read on for the full scoop.



Small Greek Islands

When we say small Greek islands, we’re not referring to Mykonos, or Santorini. Though these hotspot destinations in Greece are buzzing with nightlife and beaches, we’re skipping the main attractions and instead embarking on a journey to some of Greece’s lesser known delights. Smaller islands in Greece, such as Andros, Folegandros, and Syros are ripe with authentic Greek culture and landscapes. We’re looking forward to avoiding the masses in 2023. Getting to experience the incredible history of Greek culture without the overwhelming crowds is a top priority– which is what makes these Small Greek Islands a must-visit destination for travel this year.

We’re bringing along:


The Clarity Spectator Bag. Perfect for beach days, shopping adventures, and all-day walks through the scenic zig-zagged whitewashed staircases of these island gems.

Barcelona Spain

Barcelona, Spain

The food, the architecture, and the undeniable atmosphere of the city make Barcelona, Spain one of our most coveted destinations for 2023. This coastal town gives the best of both worlds, with an exquisite city vibe with fun nightlife opportunities, as well as a relaxing beach right nearby. Soak in the unique architecture:  Gothic cathedrals, and modern Gaudí designs make the skyline of this city truly breathtaking. Not to mention, you’ll see some of the most inspiring sunsets along the way.

What we’re bringing to Barcelona:

The Truffle Clarity Packing Cubes. Perfect for packing all of your day-to-night outfit changes. This travel must-have is perfect for packing all of the fashion-forward fits you'll need when you grace this one-of-a-kind coastal Spanish town.



Monteverde, Costa Rica

Spanish for “Green Mountain”, this lush area of the Costa Rican rainforest is known for its unique biological habitat known as the Cloud Forest. Named after the mist that settles amongst the lush trees of this magical place, it is considered to be one of the most rare natural habitats on Earth. Perfect for our nature-loving girls who are looking to see beyond city-limits in 2023. 

We’re bringing along:


The Clarity Crossbody Carryall. Perfect for all of your hands-free adventures in the Costa Rican rainforests. This carryall bag will hold all the essentials, as you explore some of the lushest forests the world has to offer. 

Mexico City, Mexico

Calling all foodies – this destination sits atop our travel bucket list for 2023 for its rich history, and incomparable cuisine. The must-try foods in Mexico City range from Tacos Al Pastor, to Barbacoa, Esquites, and locally made tequila and mezcal. Need we say more? This trip is a foodie paradise, perfect for basking in the local culture while consuming some of the most authentic and delicious Mexican cuisine you’ll have in your lifetime. 

We’re bringing:

The Privacy Traveler Wallet. When you’re walking the streets of Mexico City, you’ll want to have cash at the ready for all of the snacks, and vendors you’ll stop at along your journey. Keep your ID, your money, and other valuables safe with this wallet built for travel.



Copenhagen, Denmark

In 2021, the Economist’s Safe Cities Index deemed Copenhagen as the safest city in the world. This happy city is known for its commitment to sustainability and green livability. Making it one of Truffle’s favorite cities for travel on this list. It’s easy to travel the city via bicycle or public transportation, experiencing the remarkable architecture, sustainable cuisine, and happy-culture of the people.

We’re taking along our: 

Clarity Clutch Small. Perfect for stowing in your tote, or day bag. This easy to access clutch is perfect for holding your day-to-day essentials as you make your way around this marvelous city. Plus, the minimalist and easy to clean design will blend in seamlessly with the styles of Scandinavian-simplicity.



Lanai, Hawaii

Known as Hawaii’s most enticing island, this destination is the smallest inhabited island travelers may visit in Hawaii. No crowded beaches or tourist traps here. The theme on Lanai is luxury and serenity. The privacy of the beaches is unmatched, and the luxurious resorts offer top quality cuisine and views of the majestic blue ocean Hawaii is known for. 

We’re making sure to bring: 

The Clarity Jumbo Jetset Case. This makeup case is perfect for traveling with all of your skincare and makeup essentials on board, mimicking the luxury and simplicity of this desirable Hawaiian island.

2023 will be a year of travel, and rich with new experiences. Truffles are synonymous with seamless travel, and effortless elegance. Don’t leave home without one of our Truffle travel favorites this year, and arrive in style– prepared for any adventures to come. Happy Truffling!

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