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Truffle’s Guide To Spring Organization

Spring is a time of renewal, and nothing makes us feel more put together than a fresh reorganization of our essentials. Whether we’re making more room on our vanities, or finally purging our purses, Truffle brings us ever closer to organizational bliss. Here are our top rules for spring organization.
Truffle’s Guide To Spring Organization

Rule #1 - Clear Vanities = Clear Heads

We do our best work when our work space is uncluttered—even if the “work” is personal beauty. So when it comes to vanities, a little order goes a long way. That’s why we turn to our Clarity Jumbo Train Case first—maximum storage for your face creams, serums and all of your beauty essentials, kept neatly atop any surface. Next, we find it’s nice to have a pre-packed Clarity Pouch or two on hand—a Clarity Pouch Large for for your sunscreen, face mist and sunglasses for something like an impromptu beach outing, or a Clarity Pouch Small for your lipstick, bobby pins, and perfume for when it’s time to hit the town, and there’s simply no time to assemble the perfect bag. Lastly, we think it’s important to keep our valuables in a separate place, so that they’re protected and never get lost. For this, the Privacy Jewelry Case Mini is a must.

Rule #2 -Packing Cubes Prevent Chaos

Our Packing Cube Trio is the perfect set for maximizing storage while traveling, but it can also do wonders for your closet. So when it’s time to pack up your winter hats, socks, scarves, gloves, cashmeres, and even coats, consider stowing them neatly—and separately—with an extra trio or two (Pro Tip: Get a different color for each season!).

Rule #3 - Peace Of Mind Starts With Peace Of Bag

At Truffle, we believe the key to finding organizational zen starts right in front of you—with your everyday bag. Start by dumping everything out; you can toss old receipts, tissues, and the other half of that Lara Bar you ate three months ago (and look—you did have extra hair ties on you this whole time). Once the actual clutter is out of the way, let Truffle make your go-to bag feel brand new, with a Clarity Jetset Case for your toner, dry shampoo, cleanser, sunscreen and favorite moisturizer. A Clarity Mini Jetset Case is the perfect home for your lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, concealer, highlighter, et al. For all non-beauty essentials, like chargers, iPads, earbuds and more, the Clarity Tech Clutch is the bag-within-a-bag you won’t want to leave the house without.

No matter how you Truffle, give yourself the gift of spring organization. Find something perfect for every project by shopping all of Truffle’s transparent bags.

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