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These are a Few of Our Favorite Things From 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, we made a list of some of our favorites that have helped us get through the year. See what has helped us and maybe it will help you too! Happy truffling.

As the year comes to a close, most of us are probably kicking and screaming for 2021 to get here already. It’s true; 2020 has been interesting to say the least but we're focusing on all the positives that have come out of this year (and yes, there are some positives). Most of us got to spend more time than ever with family, feel what it was like to be a community again, and discovered new brands and products. Truffle co-founders, Maria Harrington and Sarah Cusumano, share some of their favorites from 2020. 

Truffle founders, Sarah Cusumano and Maria Harrington, share their favorite things from 2020

1. Interior Design Inspo

Athena Calderone, a multi-faceted and multi-talented woman, has been an enormous inspiration to the Truffle team this year. From her minimal interior design inspo to her aesthetically pleasing (and delicious looking) recipes, we’ve all learned a thing or two from her.

@eyeswoon - These are a Few of Our Favorite Things From 2020

Source: @eyeswoon

2. Step Aside, Cooking Videos

We’ve all fantasized over having those beautiful latte art designs when we stop at a specialty coffee shop. Since walks to the coffee shop have not been too regular, we have to find other means of getting our fix. Vivian, otherwise known as @coffeebae97 on Instagram, has become an internet sensation for her drink mixing videos. She creates mesmerizing specialty coffee and tea drinks that make us want to try it out ourselves! Matcha lattes happen to be a Truffle team fave.

@coffeebae97 - Favorite Things From 2020

Source: @coffeebae97

3. Laughter is the Best Medicine

Here at Truffle, we love a good laugh. Especially during these trying times, we have been turning to some of our favorite comedians on Instagram for some comedic relief. Heather McMahan and Robyn Schall are two female comedians we have been LOVING. We hope to see them live in 2021! 

@heatherkmcmahon - These are a Few of Our Favorite Things From 2020

Source: @heatherkmcmahan

@robynschallcomic - These are a Few of Our Favorite Things From 2020

Source: @robynschallcomic

4. Chic Office Organization

For those us working from home, we have had to make quite an adjustment. Having a proper office set up to inspire and promote productivity is the best way to stay motivated. Jen Mackintosh has been giving us ALL the home office vibes. Even using our new Clarity Mini Jetset Case to hold all of her pens and pencils - genius!

Jenna Mackintosh's Clarity Clutch Mini and Clarity Mini Jetset Case in Chalk

Source: @jenmackintosh


“In 2020 we ultimately focused on new inspiration, little wins and lots of laughter.” -Sarah Cusumano, Co-Founder of Truffle


5. Clean Beauty Products

With all of this extra time on our hands, obviously we turned to skincare. I guess we are now stuck with masking twice a day and extended skincare routines. At least we have brands like @beautycounter that provide us with clean beauty products, so we can feel good about what we put on our skin and the brands we support.

Clarity Jetset Case - These are a Few of Our Favorite Things From 2020


6. Block the Rays in Style

With all the added dog walks, we're especially in need of a good pair of sunnies! @quayaustralia has been giving us all of the chic, sun-blocking that we need while looking good and feeling good.

@quayaustralia sunglasses in a Clarity Jetset Case


7. Stacks on Stacks

At Truffle, we are all for some loungewear and ‘Zoom’ approved attire, but that doesn't mean we forgot how to accessorize. @shopalliebess Jewelry, founded by two female entrepreneurs, has the most delightful bracelet stacks on the internet, perfect for any outing or while strutting around the house. And yes, they are definitely Zoom approved.

@shopalliebess bracelets and Privacy Jewelry Case Mini in Chalk


8. Chocolate is a Girl’s Best Friend

Whoever said ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ never had any @seescandies. If you’re ever in a ‘treat yourself’ kind of mood or want to send your friends a little appreciation gift, these truffles (the chocolate kind, not the transparent bag kind) are the best on planet earth (in our humble opinion).

@seescandies - These are a Few of Our Favorite Things From 2020

Source: @seescandies

9. New Discoveries

@mentedcosmetics is a new discovery for the Truffle team for 2020. As a black owned brand, Mented is making waves in the cosmetics industry with gorgeous products for every skin tone. We especially love their lip glosses, which make a perfect gift.

@mentedcosmetics - These are a Few of Our Favorite Things From 2020

Source: @mentedcosmetics

We’ve all had an unexpected 2020, but we have done our best and truly need to give ourselves some credit. The Truffle team has had a year of discovering new products and finding new ways to make the most of being at home. We hope you loved some of our favorite things from 2020. Happy truffling.