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The Ultimate Small Accessory Hack

Don’t let the little things get lost in the mix or slip through the cracks. See how we use the Clarity Jetset Case to upgrade our organization for small accessories.
The Ultimate Small Accessory Hack

Yes, we all know and adore the Clarity Jetset Case because it makes packing our travel essentials super chic and seamless. But after spending a year and a half with canceled travel plans and strict stay-at-home orders, we realized something. This organizational wunderkind also has some fabulous uses when you’re not jetsetting around the world.

With so much time spent at home recently, it definitely became apparent how clutter can add to our anxiety and stress. It’s much easier to focus when everything is in its place and you don’t feel like your closet is about to burst open. Enter: the Clarity Jetset Case. What makes the perfect carry-on also makes smart, at-home, small accessory organization. We love using our trusty clear travel makeup case to store all those small accessories that otherwise end up getting lost in a drawer somewhere.


How Can You Use the Clarity Jetset Case as an Accessories Organizer?

Use it as a hair accessory organizer, nail accessory organizer, or even for sunglasses, pens and pencils. You name it, the Jetset will keep even the tiniest items safe, secure, and easy to see. It’s lined so you won’t have to worry about scratches, and specially designed for stacking so you can save precious storage space. (Good-bye bursting closet!)

Pro Tip: If you really want next-level organization, use different colors for each type of accessory. Dove Grey for makeup brushes, Blush for nail polish—you get the idea. Color-coordination is simpler than pulling out your label machine, and looks much cleaner and chicer in our opinion. It’s the little things that make the difference. Happy Truffling.


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