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The Best Small Home Office Ideas From the Truffle Team

We know how important your workspace is, and that is why we are here with our best small home office ideas to help you work from home productively.

2020 is finally over, but most of us are still living a life at home. Workflow has been adjusted around virtual education for parents, and virtual happy hour for those of us still trying to stay social. Many people have already adjusted to working from home, but there are some of us that never took the time to adjust our home office because “we will only have a few more weeks of this.”  We know how important your workspace is, and that is why we are here with our best small home office ideas to help you work from home productively.

Less is More

Do you ever get stressed and scatterbrained when your kitchen or bedroom is a little bit cluttered or messy? That’s because mess=stress, and even if you are not a neat freak, clutter on the outside can create clutter on the inside. Keeping your home office setup as clean and clutter-free as possible is vital to having a clear mind and a (close to) stress-free work day. 

Try using some tips from Jen Mackintosh. Jen specializes in home office organization and making sure everything has its place. Jen loves using our Clarity Clutch Mini to stow away all those pesky little office supplies. No more rogue paper clips or USB drives, they have a home now. 

The Clarity Tech Clutch is another home office essential. Keep all of your chargers and wires in one place when they’re not in use to keep your desk free from tangles. 

Clarity Clutch Mini | Truffle

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Clarity Tech Clutch | Truffle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Trying to convince your significant other to get you an overpriced scented candle? Remind them that its uses go far beyond just making the house smell good. Once the candle is finished, simply clean out the excess wax. Here are instructions on how to clean out a candle jar.

There are endless possibilities for a now empty, chic candle jar. Use it as a pen and pencil holder, lip gloss holder, travel size perfume holder, or even use them as chic water glasses. Add some life to your home office and use them as planters. No matter what you use them for, you can always make the choice to go green and add some style to your home office setup while doing it.

Medicine Cabinet | Truffle

Easy to Overlook

Working from home is something that most of us had to get used to. Not everyone has the same needs, and not everyone works in the same way. When putting together your home office setup, you want to make sure that it works for you. That includes making sure that your desk is at the right height, you have a supportive chair, and enough desk space for your keyboard, mouse, and other essentials. 

Limited Space? No Problem

Time to get creative with your space! Nearly any nook or cranny can become a functional work space, even if you have been forced to set up shop in your small studio apartment, which may be lacking for space to begin with. Just don’t resort to working from your bed! Not only is it totally unprofessional, it’s also super tempting to take a quick snooze. 

When in doubt, go vertical! There are so many desks that go up rather than out, and provide extra storage, as well. There are even some vertical desks that fold away when you’re done with them, so you can have more usable space when you’re not on the clock. 

Desk Space | Truffle

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There are tons of small home office ideas to help you find inspiration that works for your needs and your space. We know that it can be frustrating, and that’s why we wanted to give you our list of the best small home office ideas to make your life a little bit easier - and inspiring!Happy truffling.