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Eras Tour Outfit Ideas

Need some outfit inspo for your upcoming Eras Tour date? We put together an outfit idea for each Taylor Swift Era paired with a stadium-approved bag.
Eras Tour Outfit Ideas

Photo sourced from @taylorswift

If you were lucky enough to nab a ticket for Taylor Swift’s 2023 Eras Tour, congratulations are in order. Getting a ticket was the first step, but now you’ve got to put together an outfit that represents your favorite Era. We know you Swifties don’t do anything sloppy when it comes to Taylor, which is why we put together an outfit for every era to help you out. We even paired each Era outfit with one of our stadium-approved bags, that way you have everything you need before heading to the stadium.


“Taylor Swift” or “Debut” Era Outfit

Debut Era Outfit Idea

Known for her curly hair and country style with her first album, this outfit can embody Taylor’s Teardrops on My Guitar moment. To achieve this look, you’ll need:


Fearless Era Outfit

Fearless Era Outfit

Fearless was all about breaking out of her country shell and upping the glitz, debuting her rhinestoned guitar on her full production tour. What better time to wear a sequined romper than to the Taylor Swift Eras tour repping the Fearless album (Taylor’s version, of course)? To achieve this fan Eras tour outfit you’ll need:


Speak Now Era Outfit

Speak Now Era Outfit

Speak Now gives off similar vibes to Fearless in that the songs were still country-pop, and she was still performing on stage with her rhinestone guitar. The main difference is that it’s all about purple! To achieve this Eras tour outfit you’ll need:


Red Era Outfit

Red Era Outfit Idea

Red signified a big change in Taylor, gone were the curls and the country influence. Even the guitar started showing up less and less. If you want to personify this change in your Eras tour outfit, you’ll need:

  • Red heart glasses
  • Red bedazzled booties
  • For something more dressed up, you can’t go wrong with a red dress
  • For something more casual, a crisp white tee and a red cabbie hat
  • Truffle Spectator Bag in White


1989 Era Outfit

1989 eras tour outfit ideas

This is the time when Taylor solidified herself as the pop star we all know and love. This Grammy-winning album has a few different, conflicting distinct styles to it including vintage blue-hues but then also glitter bodysuits. You can’t go wrong with either of those styles, here’s what you’ll need for this fan Eras tour outfit:


Reputation Era Outfit

Reputation Era Outfit Idea

If you’re looking to wear a black outfit, this era is for you. A lot of the imagery surrounding the original Reputation tour was dark with snakes but with sparkles, of course. Channel your Swiftie dark side with this Eras tour outfit:


Lover Era Outfit

Lover Era Outfit Idea

The Lover era is iconic for its color palette: pastels and a lot of pink. If you were planning to go to the original Lover Fest and missed out because of COVID-19, this one's for you. To achieve this Lover Era tour outfit, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pastel pink dress or sequins pink dress
  • Sequins pink shoes
  • Heart accessories
  • Friendship bracelets - this one is a given for any Swifty outfit, but they especially pair well with the Lover Era
  • Truffle Clarity Clutch Mini and Wristlet Strap in pink


Folklore Era Outfit

Folklore Era Outfit Idea

This Grammy-award-winning album, was another one that Taylor wasn’t able to tour originally. The Eras tour is your chance to represent your favorite Era in an outfit; here’s what you’ll need:


Evermore Era Outfit

Evermore Era Outfit Idea

Often referred to as Folklore’s little sister, Evermore is another of Taylor’s alternative/folk albums that went over well with fans. If you’re into everything cottage core, this is your Era to shine. 


Midnight's Era Outfit

Midnights Era Outfit Idea

Last but certainly not least, the Midnights Era brings us back to the pop genre and with that, the glitz and glam, but with an edge of sophistication. This Era is all about dark blue, black, and sparkle, here’s how to get the look:

No matter what Era you go with, you’re going to have an amazing time at the concert. Don’t worry about the Taylor Swift Eras Tour bag policy with the Truffle concert-ready clear bags. Happy Truffling!

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