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Sustainable Gift Ideas With Truffle

Little defines the holiday season more than the spirit of giving, and when you give Truffle—chic, sustainable gifts designed to last—you keep the spirit alive all year long, and for years to come.
Sustainable Gift Ideas With Truffle

This time of year, we welcome holiday traditions back into our lives with open arms—all those warm, cozy rituals we’ve come to know, love and repeat, from childhood until now, for the sole purpose of feeling joy, and sharing it with those we love. We spread cheer by decorating our homes, whipping up comfort foods, singing familiar songs, and—more than anything—by giving each other thoughtful, luxurious gifts. Although our collective holiday spirit is well-intentioned, we can too easily slip into a mode of wastefulness, turning to single-use materials like paper gift wrap, bows, and the like just to add a little aesthetic flair to the whole celebration. But at Truffle, we’re hoping to make this year as special as ever, but with a newfound consideration for the planet. Our big 2021 holiday idea: Gifting sustainably.

Sustainable “Wrapping”

Don’t get us wrong: Typical gift wrap can be appealing—the vibrant colors, fun designs, and the allure of mystery. But the charm wears off exactly the second the gift is opened—you’re left with a crumpled piece of paper that can’t be reused, and that’s that. So what if you made Truffle the “gift wrap”? That is, use elegant pieces like the Clarity Jumbo Jetset Case or the Privacy Jewelry Case Mini to display other items you’ve gotten for loved ones, and nestle those beneath the tree. It’s a unique holiday gift idea where you’d be giving a gift-within-a-gift, and the gift “wrap” is something your lucky giftee can actually use. Go the extra mile and take advantage of Truffle’s gift wrapping, where you can add one or multiple reusable drawstring cotton bags to your order. Cut out traditional gift wrapping all together and opt for something more eco-friendly and reusable.

Wristlet Straps - Sustainable Gift Ideas With Truffle

It’s All In The Materials

How do you know you’re giving a sustainable gift when you give someone a brand new Truffle? For one, we use only biodegradable materials, like TPU, rPET nylon, and recycled leather. Beyond that, we design each and every Truffle to be a multitasker—even if you decide to stop using a particular Truffle for its original purpose (say, to store your favorite lipsticks), you can use it for a myriad of other functions. Put simply, Truffles are made to last.

Packing up Truffle Bags - Sustainable Gift Ideas With Truffle

A Gift For Gifting

No matter what you get for those you love, if you’re getting them Truffles, you’re giving something meaningful. But how do you find the perfect Truffle? We recommend starting with our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. Travel seekers, beauty queens, supermoms and even sports fans deserve the gift of clear delight this year—get to gifting now, and start spreading the cheer!

Clarity Clutches - Sustainable Gift Ideas With Truffle


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