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Seasonal Storage Changes: Store your Clothes in Style

Stay organized with your seasonal clothing, makeup, or decor by using Truffle. Our clear storage bags and cases make it easy to swap out seasonal items. Learn how to store your clothes in style.
Seasonal clothing storage changes

If you live in a place where you experience climate changes due to the seasons changing, you’ll know the struggle of trying to  find your summer sundresses when you still have bulky sweaters from January in your closet. The time has come to not only organize your closet, but also assess your wardrobe and question whether certain items need to be donated or they still spark joy. If this process seems daunting to you, we have some helpful tips on how to make the seasonal storage swap stress-free.


Using Truffle for clothing storage


Seasonal Clothing Storage

Clothing is the most swapping you’ll have to do when you go from summer to winter or vice versa. When you’re clearing out your seasonal wardrobe are you finding that there are some clothing items you never wore once since you took it out of storage last season? You might want to consider switching to a capsule wardrobe, which is the idea of keeping a small collection of highly versatile clothing that can create several unique outfits. Following this method reduces the amount of clothing that needs to be stored away for another season, making your closet clutter-free and organized.

For the cherished clothing that has earned a stay in your closet for another year, it's imperative that they are stored in an organized fashion. That way, when you’re ready to change your clothes for a new season, you’ll find everything you need. The various Truffle clothing storage bags can protect your wardrobe from damage and keep your closet organized. These storage bags for clothes make it easy to discern the contents of each bag for ultimate convenience and accessibility. 


Tips for Seasonal Clothing Organization 


use Truffle to organize makeup


Organize your Seasonal Makeup

The Truffle toiletry bags come in all shapes and sizes to organize makeup. Safely stow away your seasonal makeup, lotions, and fragrances that change with the weather. Store all of your seasonal beauty essentials in style and with a strategy. With these meticulously designed storage solutions, you can kiss clutter goodbye and embrace the joy of easy, convenient, and versatile organization. 


Tips for Seasonal Makeup Organization

  • Store your winter/summer shades of foundation, concealer, and bronzer in a Clarity Jetset Case
  • Swap out your eyeshadow palettes throughout the year and keep your extras in a Clarity Clutch Large
  • Keep a fresh stash of seasonal lipstick shades in your daily rotation and tuck the off-season ones away in a Clarity Mini Jetset Case
  • Stow away your seasonal fragrances and lotions in a Jumbo Train Case


Truffle packing cubes decoration storage


Storing Seasonal Decorations

The task of storing your seasonal and holiday decorations does not have to be a chore. With the Clarity Packing Cube Trio storage cases, it can be easy to stay organized. Enough of the seasonal chaos that often comes with the holidays, make storing decorations fun, yet effective with this clear case set. 


Tips for Seasonal Decor Organization

  • Pack away your valuable trinkets and knickknacks in the Small Packing Cube 
  • Store your table decor like a tablecloth cloth, or salt and pepper shakers in the Medium Packing Cube
  • Stash your seasonal lights, garland, or precious ornaments in the Large Packing Cube and eliminate the headache of having to search for and detangle everything next year


Keep Your Home Organized All Year Long

The Truffle versatile storage bags will make swapping out your wardrobe, beauty essentials, and decor simple and convenient. Stay effortlessly organized and considerably less stressed with the changing seasons and holidays, thanks to these simple storage solutions. If you try any of these tips out, let us know on Instagram

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