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Must-Have Accessories for Women On-the-Go

Here are our must-have accessories for women on-the-go, whether you are taking a weekend staycation or a trip to the grocery store.

From Staycations to Errands, and Everything in Between

2020 has truly been a whirlwind. Today’s world has made masks, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes an essential part of our daily routines. Am I smiling or squinting? One may never know. While we all stay as safe as possible, there are still ways to get out and about. Truffle is here to help you do that - pandemic and all. Here are our must-have accessories for women on-the-go, whether you are taking a weekend staycation or a trip to the grocery store.

Staycation Essentials

Don’t want to catch a flight? No worries. Pack a bag, using your Clarity Pouch Small (to make sure you stay organized in style), hop in the car, and get going. Take a drive to the mountains to decompress or spend an afternoon at the beach with the latest bestselling novel. The Clarity Pouch Small is one of those essential travel accessories for women that will make packing a breeze. Wherever you staycation to, Truffle will always be one of your favorite staycation essentials to make sure you can find what you need when you need it.

Clarity Pouch Small | TRUFFLE

Clarity Pouch Small (via @aligninteriorsgroup)

Be Hands-Free

Sometimes two hands just is not enough. Phone, check. Keys, check. Wallet, check. Hand sanitizer, check. Mask, check. Now place it all into the sleek Clarity Convertible Belt Bag and be off. You won’t have to hassle with straps constantly falling off your shoulders and you can wear it as a belt bag or crossbody. It’s easy to find what you need and it’s the perfect size for any outing. Did we mention how beautifully crafted and sophisticated it is? The Clarity Convertible Belt Bag is not a regular belt bag, it’s a cool belt bag.

Clarity Convertible Belt Bag | TRUFFLE

Clarity Convertible Belt Bag (via

Sanitary Grocery Runs

Going to the grocery store can be one of the most challenging parts of your day right now. If you’re like us, we’re trying to do better meal planning and have less frequent outings, and it always makes us feel better to have sanitized shopping carts available. We’ve made your shopping outings effortless with the Clarity Crossbody Carryall, a sleek hands-free crossbody bag, perfect for holding all of your essentials. All of our clear Truffle products are made with biodegradable TPU, which can easily be wiped down with sanitizing wipes. You can even store a Clarity Mini Jetset in there as a hand sanitizer holder, so you always know where to find it without touching everything in your bag.

Clarity Crossbody Carryall | TRUFFLE

Clarity Crossbody Carryall

Clarity Mini Jetset | TRUFFLE

Clarity Mini Jetset

Life has changed, and we are changing with it. Our goal, whether staying in or venturing out, is to make you feel effortlessly put together. For more must-have accessories for women on-the-go, check out our travel favorites. Please contact us with any other questions! Happy truffling.