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Minimalist Baby Accessories for the Design Lover

Minimalist Baby Accessories for the Design Lover

Design lovers can spend years curating their home – carefully collecting and selecting pieces that suit their style. But what about after the baby's arrival? Explosions of color, plastic, and clutter can be a stressful thought to design-loving parents with specific taste.  Minimalist baby gear + accessories from Truffle can help to innovate your baby’s spaces. Truffle’s cases, pouches, and clutches can help you to establish a repertoire of minimalist baby essentials for decluttering, organizing, and styling your baby must-haves in a chic, sustainable, & design friendly way. Let’s dive into some of our most coveted timeless &  minimalist baby essentials from the Truffle collection. 

Minimalist Baby Bag

Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, this multi-tasking pouch set is as versatile as Mom is. This is truly pouch perfection– subtle + minimal in its design. Ideal for slipping neatly inside the pocket of your diaper bag, tote, or Clarity Clutch. Perfect for utilizing in combination with the clear clutches and cases on this list. This collection of minimalist baby gear is perfect for creating a fool-proof organization system for baby’s essentials, while maintaining Mom’s chic style.

clarity jumbo train case for baby accessories

This minimalist baby essential is a staple in the Truffle collection, acting as Mom’s perfect catch-all for all her baby lotions + potions. Picture this case as your go-to for packing up diaper bags, for passing off essentials to Grandma, or to put on display atop a baby's dresser. Nothing gets left behind when on-the-go, which as a parent, is the name of the game. This minimalist baby essential is eco-friendly, crafted from the highest quality biodegradable materials, recycled leather, with the finest of finishings.

Clarity Tech Clutch for Baby Accessories

Baby’s tech needs have absolutely grown in recent years– with tablets, chargers, games, and more being a necessity for those on-the-go moments when they need some calming entertainment. Never miss a beat when you carry the Clarity Tech Clutch– the ultimate in minimalist baby gear when it comes to packing your child’s tech devices and chargers. Clear, eco-friendly, biodegradable plastic creates the clear face of this clutch, with recycled leather trim and an easy-to-access magnetic snap closure. Super chic, and totally functional.

Clarity Jumbo Jetset for Baby Accessories

Our recently updated, best selling Jumbo Jetset is expertly designed with compartments for organizing all of baby’s essentials, chic and minimal,  perfect for our fashion-forward Moms. Two zip compartments open from the top, no need for flipping the case over in order to access either compartment! This minimalist baby essential is ideal for holding crayons, tissues, lotions, bugspray, wipes, snack-packs and more, perfect for the design-loving parents who don’t want to sacrifice style.

Vanity Pouch Set for Baby Accessories

Who doesn’t love a matching set! This vanity pouch set is durable, chic, and eco-friendly. What more can a design-loving Mom ask for? The biodegradable TPU material that makes up this pouch set is super wipeable. Perfect for any spills or sticky substances that often come with the Mom-territory. Use this minimalist baby essential for carrying snacks, lotions, juice packs, or any other potentially spillable baby-essentials. And worry not when unavoidable messes occur! These pouches are 100% kid-proof, mom-friendly, and super chic.

Clarity Spectator Bag for Baby Accessories

Busy parents need a chic hands-free bag in their minimalist baby gear lineup. The Truffle Spectator Bag is perfect for when mom wants to maintain her style, while hand holding her babes on either side. Hands-free bags are a parent’s best friend. Perfect for holding those grab-and-go essentials (be it for Mom or for baby). The Spectator Bag is perfect for day’s out at the park, the museum, or the ball-game. An essential in minimalist baby gear for letting Mom keep up her fashionista style, while always having her young-one’s necessities at-the-ready.

Clarity Pouch Large for Baby Accessories

Larger in size, structured, wipeable, and featuring an easy access zip opening – this large, clear, minimalist pouch is perfect for Mom. The minimalist structured design of this pouch makes it perfect for standing on top of a baby's dresser, holding bulkier necessities like powders or lotions. It’s structure helps to ensure it’s content won’t be squashed if tossed in a diaper bag or tote when on the go. Plus, the timeless design elements add to its more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing appearance. This pouch is the perfect timeless essential for carrying all of a baby's necessities at home or on-the-go!

Mom’s shouldn’t have to sacrifice their style when it comes to shopping for baby accessories! Shop the collection of Truffle’s minimalist baby essentials, perfect for the design lovers who appreciate high quality materials, and timeless design elements. Happy Truffling!



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