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Mind, Body, and Soul Connection: How Decluttering Externally Can Help Declutter Internally

How decluttering your home and your life can help declutter your mind, your body, and your soul.

2020 has forced a lot of us to take a step back and put many things into perspective. What is truly important? It may be different for all of us, but the main needs of all people are the same: health, happiness, and safety. The mind, body, and soul connection plays a huge role in all of our needs. We encourage you to use this time at home to strengthen that connection. Here are a few ways that decluttering your home and your life can help declutter your mind, leading to a stronger mind, body, and soul connection

What is the Mind, Body, Soul Connection?

Before we offer tips on how to strengthen your mind, body, and soul connection, let’s understand what it is. Being connected throughout your entire body and being is not as common as you would think. Many of us focus on our physical bodies, making sure that we eat healthy and get our daily exercise. But what about our mind and soul? A healthy mind helps to keep us focused and engaged, and a healthy soul keeps us fulfilled and happy. Visit The Living Well for more tips on how to strengthen your mind, body, and soul connection. 

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Declutter Your Home

Let’s start to strengthen the mind, body, and soul connection by tackling possibly the biggest burden: decluttering your home. This may seem like an impossible task, but do not get overwhelmed. Pick one category, and start there. Whether you have a library full of books or they are strewn all over the house; you gather them all up (yes, we mean all of them) and start there. Slowly, you will make your way through your house or apartment, and before you know it you’ll be clutter free!


Decluttering your home is not just about getting rid of unnecessary clutter and possessions, it’s also about getting organized. Making sure that everything has its place is very important if you want to stay organized (because when we’re lazy, things can go downhill very quickly). Dressers are kind of self explanatory, assign a clothing item per drawer. But what about those pesky desk drawers, and those dreaded “stuff drawers” (don’t deny it, we all have one). Use Truffle see through cases and clear zipper pouches to keep smaller items organized in drawers and cabinets (or organizing beauty products). Plus, they’re transparent, so you can see everything you need while it is neatly filed away!  


Declutter Your Life

Decluttering your life may sound a little intimidating. Don’t worry, we will break it down for you. By ‘decluttering your life’, we suggest  removing unnecessary stressors.  An example? Procrastination, which we’re all guilty of. Instead of pushing off a big task for weeks, tackle it in pieces. Not only will you feel a sense of accomplishment, but you’ll eliminate the burden of carrying around unneeded stress. 

Take a step back, make inventory of what is truly necessary, and go from there. If it makes you feel good and happy, then it stays. If it starts to stress you out just by thinking about it? UNNECESSARY! Focusing on what your mind, body, and soul needs and does not need will help to strengthen the connection between all three. 


Declutter Your Mind

When you focus on decluttering your home and decluttering your life, the byproduct is a decluttering of your mind. When you no longer have to worry about everything around you, you can finally focus on your physical being, mental being, and emotional being. Meditation helps to do this as well, and we love the Calm app for meditations that you can do anywhere. Strengthen your mind, body, and soul connection with the help of Truffle. We know it’s not much, but a little clarity goes a long way. Happy truffling.