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Ideas for Bridesmaid Gifts

Congratulations! You’re getting married!  We know that planning a wedding carries all kinds of stress and we are here to take one item off your plate: the perfect bridesmaid gifts that will show them all your love and appreciation.


Ideas for Bridesmaid Gifts

Gift Bags for Destination Weddings

If you’re planning on a destination wedding, a welcome bag for your bridesmaids will always be a smashing success. A great way to combine practicality with style is with any of the Truffle TSA-approved bags for bridesmaids. The Clarity Clutch Small is a great option for a bridesmaid gift bag as it fits perfectly in a carry-on or small tote.
Along with making travel a breeze, these bags are perfect for putting inside an everyday bag to hold all of your essentials Clear bags mean less rummaging for those items you always seem to be looking for! Truffles make great destination wedding gift bags for bridesmaids and will last a lifetime.
What to put in your gift bags for bridesmaids

Gift Bags for Bridesmaids


Make Truffle the gift wrap! Not only is it the perfect gift for bridesmaids, but it also makes for the most unique and pleasing packaging for however you decide to fill it. Our collection of Clarity Pouches are a great option if you’re looking for something for your bridesmaids that can hold more items. Our Clarity Pouch Small can carry their essentials from beauty must-haves, toiletries, and travel-sized items and our Clarity Pouch Large can hold full-sized essentials like sunscreen, serums, snacks, and Band-Aids. Another great option is the Clarity Jetset Cases which are a chic way to hold and organize makeup on the day of the wedding (and every day after that). 
gift bags for bridesmaids to organize makeup
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What to Put in Your Gift Bags for Bridesmaids?

Here’s just a start! There are so many delightful items to place in their Truffle “gift bags” that your bridesmaids can use on the day of your wedding and beyond.
  • Favorite Beauty Products. Although you all may be getting your makeup professionally done, you will definitely want a touch-up midday. A few welcome items for your girls are a lipgloss, blush, or bronzer.
  • A Compact Mirror. A gift your bridesmaids are sure to use (especially on the wedding day!) You can even find personalized compacts with your bridesmaid’s initials.
  • Matching Sunglasses. Perfect for a sunny wedding, matching sunglasses are a fun little addition to your gift bag. Plus, you can even have them monogrammed with their initials to make it extra personal. 
  • Color-Coded Cashmere Wrap. If you have a late summer/early fall wedding, a cashmere wrap to match the bridesmaid dresses is the perfect thing. 
  • Travel Size Perfume. Most travel perfumes fit perfectly in any of our Truffle bags and you can pick a scent that will always remind you and your bridesmaids of your special day.
  • Hand Sanitizer. A great and easy addition to keep everyone’s hands clean for a long day of mingling. 
  • Fashion Tape. When walking down the aisle, you need everything to be kept in place. Fashion tape will be your best friend. 
  • An Instant Stain Remover Pen. You never know when a stain could happen, but a stain remover pen can dab it out like that. 
  • Anti-Blister Stick. When wearing new heels, you’re going to want relief if you want to dance all night long. They make balms that help to relieve some friction between your skin and your shoes. 
Just like your bridesmaids, we are here to support you and feel effortlessly put together on your big day. Happy Truffling.

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