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How to Travel Safely During COVID: Luxury Edition

Make your travel fantasies come true while staying safe and organized.
How to Travel Safely During COVID: Luxury Edition

Travel has been a foreign concept to most of us for the past year. Now that things seem to be looking up, our travel fantasies may soon become reality. However, it may not feel quite the same as it was pre-pandemic. Here are some tips on how to travel safely during COVID, while looking chic and feeling luxurious.

Always Keep Backup

Masks are still required pretty much everywhere in the world, on all airlines and airports, and in most public places. Never miss out on an opportunity to see the sights or join your friends by always having backup face masks with you. Use a mini leather bag to hold all of your face masks, without creasing or contaminating. We’re currently fans of reusable, washable face masks by Sea. Their delightful, bright florals are the perfect complement to any Spring outing.

Washable Floral Face Masks - How to Travel Safely During COVID: Luxury Edition

Keep it Clean

Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes are a must when leaving the house, especially when traveling (think public restrooms!) Make sure to keep these items handy for sanitizing your hands or wiping down those surfaces that need a little extra spot cleaning. Keep all of your antibacterial buddies in a small clear makeup bag so you always know where they are and have them at the ready. Truffle’s favorite luxury hand sanitizer: Heretic Parfum’s ‘Dirty Grass’ Hand Sanitizer

Heretic Parfum Hand Sanitizer - How to Travel Safely During COVID: Luxury Edition

Everyday Essentials

Most hotels and Airbnbs are now prioritizing sanitizing and deep cleaning, but you may want to bring some backup cleaning supplies to make you feel more comfortable upon arrival.   It’s easy to pack up a jumbo case with some sanitizing wipes, travel Lysol and laundry detergent, making you feel more at ease with some cleaning products at hand.  Truffle’s favorite travel laundry detergent:  Honest Hypoallergenic Baby Laundry Detergent which is available in travel size bottles. 

Honest Laundry Detergent - How to Travel Safely During COVID: Luxury Edition

Go the Extra Mile

Many luxury hotels are holding off on the extra perks we’re used to, like a puffy bathrobe and room service. You can always go the extra mile and use travel packing cubes to bring along your own robe or towels from home, along with your morning must haves, like your favorite coffee or tea.

Truffle creates and designs luxury travel bags and accessories to make your life easier. While traveling in such a sensitive time, it’s always a good idea to be extra prepared. Whenever you take your next vacation, make sure to use some of our tips on how to travel safely during COVID with Truffle’s luxury travel bags. Happy truffling.

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