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How to Switch Handbags Quickly with Truffle

Here are some tips on how to switch handbags quickly without leaving anything behind.

Handbags are not only useful for carrying around our essentials, but they are also a great way to showcase your style. Some of us have one go-to bag that can work year-round, while others may switch handbags daily. When ‘moving in’ to a new handbag, you want to make sure nothing gets lost in the transition. Here are our tips on how to switch handbags quickly with the help of Truffle. 

Clarity Clutch Small | Truffle

Your “Go” Bag

Want to know how to organize handbags? Using a Clarity Clutch Small to hold all of your must-have essentials is a great way to make sure everything has its place. Make sure to keep your keys, phone, small wallet, and headphones in a transparent handbag organizer so when it comes time to switching bags, you  only need to grab your Truffle and get going. No more losing items in the transfer, and no more forgetting something in the off-season tote. 

Clarity Clutch Small | Truffle

All By Itself

Not only does utilizing a Truffle transparent handbag organizer make it so much easier to switch handbags quickly, it can also be used on its own! On a long weekend and only brought an oversized tote bag? No worries! As long as you have your Truffle, you can use it as a clutch on its own with our clip-on wristlet strap. Always have your essentials on-hand. And having them in a super cute clear clutch doesn’t hurt, either.

Wristlet Strap | Truffle

New Seasons, New Styles

Summer is coming, and a handbag swap is imminent. Use Truffle bags to organize your handbags and find your necessities without searching through the bottom of your bag. Never lose anything in the transition by storing essentials in a Truffle bag. Happy Truffling.