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2022 Guide: How to Reduce Single-Use Plastic in Your Wardrobe

2022 Guide: How to Reduce Single-Use Plastic in Your Wardrobe

Plastic pollution is reaching unprecedented levels, with catastrophic effects on our oceans, rivers, and the organisms that occupy them. Not to mention, its effects on the rest of the environment– carbon emissions, air pollution, soil pollution, and overall health risks.

That being said, we’re at a critical moment as consumers and creators to rethink our purchasing and production behaviors, investing in products and services that consider our future as intently as our present. So, how do we reduce single-use plastic consumption and create a sustainable wardrobe in the process?  At Truffle– we’re invested in tackling these major issues by building our brand upon pillars of sustainability and ethicality. Let’s run through some sustainable fashion tips, as well as some eco-friendly buzzwords every sustainable fashionista should be familiar with in 2022.


Reduce Plastic Use for a Sustainable Wardrobe


How to Reduce Plastic Use?

More than ever, shoppers are considering the ethicality and sustainability of the brands they are investing in for creating a sustainable wardrobe. So what are some sustainable fashion tips for reducing your personal plastic footprint?


  • Buy Less. As simple as it sounds, this one has massive impacts when it comes to reducing your plastic consumption and footprint. If you need more guidance on downsizing, head to our Capsule Wardrobe Blog for a full rundown of how to build the perfect minimalist wardrobe, easier for you and better for the environment. 

  • Research Brands Production Processes and Mission. Use the powers of the internet to find brands that align with your commitment to sustainability. We love Good On You as a valuable resource for brand sustainability ratings. Truffle’s commitment to eco-conscious production can be found on our sustainability page, where you can deep dive into all of our material choices and commitments to eliminating single-use plastics. 

  • Invest in Higher Quality. Making an investment into higher quality clothing items and accessories can help in the process of creating a sustainable wardrobe and reducing excessive plastic consumption. Though the upfront costs may be a bit of change, your future self and the planet will thank you for choosing materials that last, supporting brands that advocate for sustainable fashion, and creating a wardrobe filled with timeless essentials.
  • We Embrace Circular Fashion

    What is circular fashion? Circular fashion is a regenerative system that operates cyclically, in which the garments and materials used to create them are used for as long as possible, and then ultimately returned back into the beginning of the cycle whether it be through biodegrading or repurposing. 

    Truffle bags are made from 100% circular materials. A biodegradable and recyclable material called TPU is used in the clear components of our bags, certified for safety by the FDA.  Some Truffle’s feature a recycled nylon material called rPET Nylon, made from 100% upcycled water bottles. And finally, all leather trimmed products from Truffle are created from 100% recycled leather to help reduce waste. 

    The Truffle Pillars of Sustainability


  • End Single-Use Plastic
  • Truffle products are created using fully recycled or recyclable materials, avoiding cheap plastic materials that cannot biodegrade, or be properly reused in the circular fashion cycle. Let’s join together to end the production and consumption of single-use plastics. 


  • Utilize Circular Materials
  • Truffle’s feature innovative biodegradable TPU, rPET nylon, and recycled leather to ensure that they are not only extremely durable for long-lasting use, but that they are eco-conscious as well to align with the mission of the Truffle brand. 


  • Purposeful Design
  • Truffles are multi-taskers at heart, perfect for work, play, and any adventures life throws your way. When you buy less, you use what you have more. Investing in Truffle’s is an investment into your own future, as much as an investment into our Planet’s. 

    We applaud all shoppers who share a common commitment and dedication to smart-shopping, and slow-fashion. There has never been a more important time to choose to support brands that create with sustainability and ethicality in mind. Learn more about the Truffle commitment to sustainability here. We are dedicated to creating high quality products that stand the test of time, perfect for now, and just as perfect for later. Happy Truffling for you, and this beautiful planet we call home. 



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