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How to Create an Interior Design-Friendly Nursery

How to Create an Interior Design-Friendly Nursery

Designing a nursery for your little one is one of the funnest parts of preparing for their arrival! Getting to design this new room in your home,  filling it with delicate little accessories, inviting colors, and soft textures helps parents to gear up for the exciting adventure ahead! But… is there a way to design a nursery that can fit in with the overall style of your home? We know how important aesthetics are, especially when you’ve spent a lifetime cultivating your own personal style and home decor. In this blog, we’ll run through some tips for designing a nursery that’s interior-designer approved. Perfect for baby, while staying true to the stylish mommy you’re about to become! Here are Truffle’s top 5 tips for designing an interior-design friendly nursery!


Neutral Toned Nursery Design
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Choose Nursery Colors that Complement Your Home

If you’re already a design-loving gal, you’ve probably already incorporated a certain color scheme to your home. Whether it’s one consistent color that accents every room, or different complementary colors that interact with each other to create an overall mood– we can all agree that colors in your home play a huge role in overall design. 

When choosing a color scheme for your nursery design, incorporate colors that complement your existing color scheme. But, think toned-down. You’ll want the colors used in your nursery to have a calming effect, both for baby and for parents. Muted, softened, pastel toned colors that complement your existing home color scheme will create a seamlessness between the baby's room and the rest of your gorgeously curated home.

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Accent Walls

Design lovers can attest to the fact that wallpaper is making a big comeback in recent years. Especially when designing a nursery. Adding one accent wall to your nursery might be the perfect pop of playfulness and fun. Liven things up with an adorable animal scene, or floral print. Accent walls are a great choice when designing a nursery for adding a youthful pop, while staying classy and design-focused.

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Cozy and Inviting Lighting 

When the baby is napping or sleeping, you’ll want soft (or no) lighting to maintain a cozy and sleepy environment. When designing a nursery, consider cozy lighting that is perfect for those middle-of-the-night check-ins, or for cooing your little one to sleep on restless nights. Cozy lights are warm in color, think: orangey or yellow. Plus, soft nightlights help avoid any harsh rays that might wake your little one up.  When designing a nursery, lighting is a great way to elevate the space– making it fit your style while also keeping the baby safe and sleepy.

Minimal Accessories for Baby Organization

Baby’s come with a lot of stuff. Lotions, powders, ointments, vitamins, binkies, bottles and more. How do you design a nursery in a minimal way with all of these essentials? You’ll need a surface like the top of your changing table, or top of your dresser in their nursery to keep all of these accessories accessible and on-hand for grab-and-go moments.

Keeping these items organized in a visible but visually appealing way is made easy with the use of Truffle’s pouches and cases. Sitting a Jumbo Train Case, Clarity Pouch, or Vanity Pouch Set atop your changing table filled with backups and baby essentials will help to keep things organized and visually stunning. Our durable, minimal baby organizers are perfect for messy moments, and super easy to wipe down. The perfect addition to any baby nursery, plus– super easy to transfer from table top, to diaper bag, to tote bag, and more. Not to mention, these baby organizers are perfect for mom too! Their versatility will have you using these baby organizers for years to come.

Go Gender Neutral

We love going gender neutral in nursery designs for a few reasons: (but if pink and blue is still your thing– go for it!) The natural, neutral tones of gender neutral nurseries are very designer-friendly. From mossy greens, to ivory creams, and burnt oranges– there’s something deeply calming and universal about gender neutral color palettes when designing a nursery. Plus, these colors are easy to work with outside of the nursery, in other areas of your home. This makes tying your nursery into the design of the rest of your house that much easier. Also, these neutral colors will age super well with your baby! As they grow up into toddler years, pre-teen, and young adults (hard to even imagine at this stage!) these colors can easily grow with them. This adds more longevity to your designs, requiring less touch ups and changes down the road.

Shop the full collection of Truffle bags and baby accessory organizers for a design-forward spin on your nursery design! Happy Truffling!

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