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What is Recycled Leather?

In our efforts to reduce waste within our Truffle bag production, we only use 100% recycled for our bags. Learn more about how recycled leather is made.
What is Recycled Leather?

At Truffle, sustainability is a core value with every bag we create. We purposefully source sustainable materials to make thoughtful products for you and the environment. One of those sustainable materials is recycled leather, which is used for the leather trim in a large part of our clear bag line.


recycled leather finished product used for Truffle clear bags

What is Recycled Leather?

Recycled leather is a blend of genuine leather scraps that were once destined for landfills, including tiny trimmings and shavings. These scraps undergo a transformation process where they're shredded into fine fibers. Through the magic of high-pressure water jets, they're then fused to a micro-textile core, with color and texture added to mimic traditional leather. The result? A material that not only looks and feels like leather (because it is leather!) but is also eco-friendly and sustainably sourced.


Recycled Leather vs. Bonded Leather

‘Bonded leather’ and ‘recycled leather’ are terms that are sometimes used synonymously with each other, but there is a difference. The Truffle recycled leather is made only from 100% genuine leather, whereas bonded leather can sometimes be made of a mix of genuine leather and synthetic leather. Depending on the company, the quality of the bonded leather can vary depending on the ratio of genuine leather to synthetic leather.


Truffle co-founder Maria inspecting recycled leather

Why Do We Use Recycled Leather for Our Bags?

Choosing to use recycled leather rather than traditional leather for Truffle bag production is a sustainable choice with numerous environmental benefits. By repurposing leather scraps that would otherwise end up in landfills, we're reducing waste and minimizing the need for new leather production. This is crucial considering the significant environmental impact of traditional leather manufacturing, particularly the tanning process, which releases harmful toxins into the environment.

By opting for recycled leather bags, you're contributing to a more responsible and eco-conscious fashion industry.

At Truffle, every design element is thoughtful to create a chic bag that is also convenient, versatile, and durable. The allure of recycled leather extends beyond its environmental benefits. It's a durable material that, with proper care, can stand the test of time. Simple maintenance tips can keep your recycled leather bags looking pristine for years to come. Just like with genuine leather, recycled leather cleaning is as easy as using a quality leather cleaning product. The combo of our biodegradable TPU and recycled leather makes for an effortless bag made with intention and quality in mind.


leather trim made from recycled leather

Which Clear Bags are Made from Recycled Leather?

While some of our bags are offered with a nylon trim, most of our clear bags have a recycled leather trim. All of our signature clear cases and our clear clutches are offered with recycled leather trim. In addition, the Truffle leather wristlet strap and card case are made 100% with recycled leather.

In essence, recycled leather is not just a material; it's a commitment to sustainability and style that you can feel good about supporting. Learn more about Truffle’s sustainability efforts.

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