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Helpful Tips for Dorm Room Organization

Helpful Tips for Dorm Room Organization

Dorm rooms are notoriously cluttered. Tight quarters with lots of stuff and little space to store your essentials. Dorm room organization is doable but definitely requires a game plan for optimization of even the smallest of spaces. Truffle bags and organizers can help college students stay organized and keep their dorm rooms clutter-free. Just because the space is limited, doesn’t mean it has to be disorganized.

Organizing Small Spaces

For the best approach to organizing small spaces, we recommend breaking down the dorm room environment into more manageable vignettes. That way you can prepare for all the essentials required for dorm room success, and best utilize every inch of the space for clutter-free storage. We’ve broken down the main storage zones for you below, and paired them with our favorite Truffle bag that’s perfectly suited for the job. Let’s dive in!

1. Bathroom Organization

Often times in dorm environments the bathroom is very much a shared space. Making organization of bathroom supplies extremely important. It’s best to keep things labeled and grouped together so as to ensure nothing goes missing, or gets left behind.

Dorm Room Organization Train Case

The Clarity Jumbo Train Case is the perfect carryall for all things bathroom-centric. From skincare supplies, to haircare serums, to your toothbrush and shaving cream. The Jumbo Train Case has earned its title as the perfect on-the-go jumbo cosmetic bag. The Train Case is tried and tested, durable and functional, all while maintaining the cute and chic design every new student looks for.  

2. Dorm Desk Organization

Desks are a notorious clutter-zone in dorm room spaces, as it’s so easy for them to become surfaces where a day’s worth of items are dropped after walking through the door. To avoid that, we recommend setting up a system for categorizing school-centric essentials for studying. After all, a clean desk is a clear mind! 

Dorm Room Organization Privacy Set

School’s have student’s needing all kinds of tech devices, chargers, writing utensils, calculators and other class requirements. These items can easily fall into the “junk drawer” trap if you’re not organized! That’s where the Privacy Multi Tasking Pouch Set steps in. This set of sustainable, wipeable, nylon pouches can each serve a purpose for keeping dorm desks decluttered and study-session ready. Utilize the larger pouch for tech tablets, smaller ones for favorite note-taking pens, and medium sized ones for expert cord management. The possibilities are endless with the Privacy Multi-Tasking Pouch set.

3. Dresser and Closet Organization

Clothes often create cluttered environments in dorm rooms, and many new students are prone to overpacking. Our biggest tip for keeping dorm room dressers and closets organized is to avoid overpacking at all costs! Head to our Capsule Wardrobe blog for the full scoop on building a practical wardrobe with endless possibilities – easier on dorm room organization while still hitting all the essentials!

Dorm Room Organization Vanity Pouch Set

Though called the Vanity Pouch Set – this beautiful designed tinted pouch set will look gorgeous sitting atop your dorm room dresser. Perfect for storing additional cosmetic products, tech accessories, or other smaller items. This versatile and chic pouch set is the perfect dorm room dresser organizer for keeping visible surfaces looking tidy.

4. Under the Bed Organization

When it comes to organizing small spaces, no vacant area can go unutilized! For this reason, if the dorm room bed has space underneath, we absolutely recommend taking advantage of it! A perfect way to keep out-of-season clothes, bulkier jackets, or extra bedding out of sight but still within reach. 

Packing Cubes for Dorm Room Organization

The Clarity Packing Cube Trio is multi purposeful and versatile in its design. Perfect for ensuring that under the bed storage can be utilized, but also keeping your items dust free and clean. We’re certain that the owner of this essential travel item, and dorm room organizer will be finding uses for these Packing Cubes for years to come. 

5. To Class and Back

College gals are constantly on-the-go, and their accessories have to be able to tag along with them. Often times dorm rooms are just a stopping point throughout the day– transitioning from class to class and study group to social event. To keep dorm rooms organized as students transition throughout their busy schedule, having a perfectly portable pouch will help get the job done.

Sleek Case for Dorm Room Organization

The Clarity Pouch Small and Clarity Pouch Large are expertly designed with clarity in mind. Perfect for busy students who only have a handful of moments in their dorm room throughout the day to assemble their textbooks and class accessories and get back to the action. This pouch duo coming in both large and small sized are travel friendly – and perfect for hitting the books or hitting the quad.

Truffle’s are the perfect dorm room companion when it comes to organizational clarity for new students. Keeping dorm rooms organized isn’t always easy– but Truffle’s selection of organizers, pouches, and cases can all certainly help get the job done. Happy Truffling!

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