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Elevating Your Organization: Our Favorite Truffle Companions

There are tons of ways to use Truffle’s to elevate your own personal organizational system. In this blog we’ll run through a few of our favorite travel accessories that pair perfectly with our classic Truffle travel essentials. 
Elevating Your Organization:  Our Favorite Truffle Companions

Truffle’s are designed with elevated organization in mind – made with high quality materials that are built to last, while keeping sustainability at the heart of our creation. Our Clarity Clutches and Clarity Pouches make organizing your cosmetics a breeze, while our Packing Cubes and Crossbody Bags are essential for elevating your next jetset adventure. 

That being said, there are tons of ways to use Truffle’s to elevate your own personal organizational system. Whether you’re a makeup lover whose skincare routine goes with you wherever you go, or you're a new mom who needs all of her baby's essentials as you move through your busy day. In this blog we’ll run through a few of our favorite travel accessories that pair perfectly with our classic Truffle travel essentials.


Delightful Little Capsules

If there’s one thing we know at Truffle – it’s that big things can come in little packages. Cadence capsules are some of our favorite customizable, sustainable additions to the travel scene. These magnetic capsules come in customizable sets, perfect for the gal who loves to curate her own routine.



We love the way that Truffle bags give us a sense of clarity, and calmness when used to organize our essentials. Pairing some of our best selling Truffle makeup and cosmetic bags with these delightful little capsules make for the perfect pairing. You’ll be able to see right into your Truffle bag, always aware of what items you have on you, knowing that they are right within arms reach. 

Plus, these sustainable little Cadence capsules reduce the need for throwaway single use containers. They’re durable, and high quality. Their customizability allows them to grow and change with you.  If you switch up your routine, these Cadence capsules can be adjusted accordingly. Just like the timeless design of our Truffle bags, these sweet little capsules are built to stand the test of time.

solgaard suitcase

A Solid Suitcase With A Big Impact

Every jetsetter needs a solid suitcase to keep up with her on-the-go lifestyle. One of our favorite companies right now is Solgaard– known for their high quality, durable suitcases, and their big impact on the environment. Solgaard pledges that with every bag sold, 6 lbs of ocean-bound plastic are diverted from endangered coastlines. All of their products are created using these plastic materials, that ultimately were going to end up polluting our oceans.

solgaard suitcase the closet

Plus, their elegantly designed luggage pairs perfectly with the classic, minimalistic look of our Truffle travel bag collection. Team up Truffle’s with this extraordinarily impactful luggage brand for the ultimate travel experience.

dagne dover backpack

This One’s for the Moms

At Truffle– we craft our bags with timeless style, so even if you’re entering the world of Motherhood for the first time, you won’t have to sacrifice your chic style. For this reason, we adore the Indi Diaper Bag from Dagne Dover. Coming in a beautiful selection of sophisticated colors – there’s nothing diaper-y about this diaper bag. It’s chic, minimalistic, and made from a durable neoprene material. Many of the moms we know who favor this bag, use it for years to come. Perfect as a day-to-night bag, weekender backpack, or even as a cute commuter option– this perfect backpack is an essential companion to some of our perfectly organizable Truffle’s.

dagne baby backpack

Truffle’s are a traveler's best friend– but with the added organizational and stylistic elements of some of these other incredible accessories – you can elevate your organizational game to a whole new level. Shop the complete collection of Truffle Travel Favorites, and get started in building your personal, customized travel system. Happy Truffling!

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