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Eight Perfect Truffle Gifts for Grads

Eight Perfect Truffle Gifts for Grads

Our grads are growing up! What an exciting time in their lives– filled with endless possibilities, growth, and change. This transition period will make way for plenty of twists and turns, personally and professionally for our budding superstars. With all of this transition– coming up with the perfect gift ideas for a graduate can feel daunting. Certain gifts might feel too childish, while others are far too boring for the occasion. Truffle is here to help. There are infinite ways our purses, bags, and cases can be used to keep your grad organized and in style. Truffles will transition alongside your grad–from school, to work, to leisure time and never miss a beat.

Gift Ideas For a Graduate

Grad Gift Traveler Wallet

1. Privacy Traveler Wallet

This Truffle favorite is an absolute must-have for any on-the-go girl who needs her essentials always at the ready. This grad gift works in multiple ways– as a functional wallet for her trip abroad, as a standalone piece for nights out on the town or tucked into a work tote on daily commutes. The perfect grad gift for her that will have her thanking you for years to come. The Traveler Wallet features two zippered pockets, one with six card slots and room for cash– the other a clear window with space for additional accessories, passports, or essentials. This timeless piece will transition from ‘Saturday Evening Dinner’ to ‘Monday at the Office’ as seamlessly as she will.

Grad Gift Clarity Jumbo Jetset Case

2. Clarity Jumbo Jetset Case

The Jetset Case is the essential organizer for every young professional, making it the perfect grad gift for your up-and-comer. As their responsibilities grow, so will their purse-load. The Jetset Case functions in infinite capacities. Your grad can pack the Jetset Case with cosmetics and toiletries for a girl’s weekend, then load it with tech accessories and chargers for workday readiness. This sturdy case is structural, that way there’s never a concern of precious accessories getting damaged at the bottom of her bag. The dual-sided design allows for even greater organization of its contents, making it one of our favorite gifts for a graduate on this list.

Grad Gift Privacy Multi Tasking Pouch Set

3. Privacy Multi-Tasking Pouch Set

A major part of growing up is learning how to juggle tasks, responsibilities, and schedules all at once. Assist your recent grad in their multi-tasking pursuits with our favorite Multi-Tasking Pouch Set. Consider this gift idea for a graduate, and help them stay organized amongst the many hats they are soon to be wearing. This pouch set is perfect for those day-to-night adventures. If she starts her day in business casual, she can keep her earbuds and charging cords organized and at the ready. Meeting friends for drinks after work? Another pouch may hold a change of jewelry or a funkier lip color she saves for happy-hour fun. All facets of her are celebrated and kept organized with the help of this matching pouch set.


Clarity Clutch Mini Grad Gift

4. Clarity Clutch Mini paired with a Wristlet Strap

Keep it simple, chic, and minimal with the purchase of our Clarity Clutch Mini for your recent grad. We love pairing it with the Wristlet Strap for added hands-free functionality and ease. This is our favorite gift idea for a graduate who favors timeless minimalism in their style and accessories. Toss in a pair of earbuds, a set of keys, and an extra scrunchie and she’s ready to take on the day. She’ll love how light and breezy it feels to carry this accessory on her daily adventures. For grads on the go who don’t have time to sweat the small stuff– the Clarity Clutch Mini is the perfect grad gift.

Grad Gift Tech Clutch Bag

5. Clarity Tech Clutch

Working girls rely upon their tech devices, especially when they’re on the move. The Clarity Tech Clutch is an incredible grad gift for the modern girl who loves tokeep her tech organized. If she doesn’t leave home without her tablet, backup charger, earbuds, or kindle – this gift is perfect for her. She can use this clutch to pack for a weekend getaway to the beach house, ensuring her e-reader and earbuds are ready for poolside relaxation. If her work has her linked to her laptop, this clutch acts as the perfect accessory for storing larger chargers, USBs, and laptop port adapters if needed. Consider the Clarity Tech Clutch a non-negotiable asset for any recent grad whose work (or leisure) revolves around her devices.

Grad Gift Crossbody Carryall

6. Crossbody Carryall

The Crossbody Carryall is the ultimate purse for any recent grad ready to take on the world. Surprise her with one of these as her grad gift, and she’ll be thanking you again and again for the variety of occasions, trips, and uses of this stylish bag. If she’s music-festival bound this summer– she’ll relish in the ease, simplicity, and hands-free fun she experiences with the Crossbody Carryall by her side. If next Summer work has her on weekend business trips– she’ll appreciate the elegant design and the clear sense of organization this bag provides. From personal to professional – hands-free chic organization is the essence of this Truffle favorite.

Clarity Everyday Tote Gift for Grad

7. Clarity Everyday Tote

The Everyday Tote earned its name as one of our favorite daily go-to's. Looking for a gift for a graduate who prioritizes eco-consciousness and style? This bag is made from a combination of vegan leather, and eco-friendly, biodegradable TPU (a circular material that provides clarity without unnecessary waste). This clear tote is the ideal tagalong for sporting events and concerts where security checkpoints and screening will often occur. The larger size and interior slip pockets make for perfect poolside, commuter, or concert-going organization. The Everyday Tote is sure to be your eco-conscious grad's new best friend.

Privacy Card Case Grad Gift

8. Privacy Card Case

This sleek, minimal wallet embodies Truffle’s commitment to thoughtful design– down to the details. The perfect grad gift for girls who believe that less is more. Your grad can slip this case into her back pocket for a hands-free and travel-friendly take on carrying the essentials. The Privacy Card Case also works extremely well when paired with some of the other Truffle favorites on this list. Snag your grad the Clarity Clutch Mini and Wristlet Strap, paired with the Privacy Card Case for a gorgeous, matching set she can use on all of her daily adventures to come. 

Truffle’s are designed with timelessness in mind, making them perfect gifts for grads. With infinite uses and applications, whatever your grad's goals may be– Truffle’s will help them stay on track. Choose from our selection of grad gift ideas above, or peruse our Best Sellers for more grad gifting inspo. Either way– you can watch your grad grow with their Truffle collection.  Happy Truffling!


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