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Aries Makeup Looks: Horoscope-Inspired Makeup Styles!

Aries Makeup Looks: Horoscope-Inspired Makeup Styles!

Ringing in the Spring Equinox on March 20th, we kick off the beginning of the zodiac calendar with fiery Aries! Being lovers of all things cosmetics at Truffle, it only makes sense that we would put together a few Aries makeup looks to inspire your makeup style! Known for leading the pack, this ambitious and passionate horoscope sign inspires some equally bold cosmetic looks, with a fiery Aries makeup palette to match! Plus— what better way to carry and store your Aries makeup must-haves than with some of Truffle’s Beauty Favorites.

Aries Makeup Palette

Aries Makeup Palette

As you can probably guess, this fiery sign calls for an equally bold and fiery palette. We’d stick to warm hues in the red, orange, and burnt yellow color scheme. These bright, bold, warm tones help to evoke some of the similar characteristics Aries are notorious for. Passionate, energetic, determined, confident, and creative. We all could use a little Aries-inspo in our lives. This Aries-inspired makeup palette is perfect for all zodiac signs– anyone looking to tap into their bolder side.


Aries Makeup Looks

Aries Makeup looks should be bold. Save your more subtle looks for other horoscope seasons! When it comes to Aries season– we recommend bringing the heat. We pulled some of our favorite, fiery Aries-inspired makeup looks for you to consider.



Cara Delevingne is seen here rocking one of our favorite Aries-inspired looks, by Lisa Eldridge. This gorgeous and bold orange and yellow look is anything but subtle– demanding attention just like our Aries are known for!

@Goldenbarbie on Instagram

This inspiring fiery Aries makeup look is paired with bronzey, glowing skin for an added level of warmth and allure. We love this bold makeup style for nights out, or even paired with a more day-to-day casual wear that’s certain to turn heads!

Storing Your Aries Makeup

Now that you’re geared up for Aries season with your Aries makeup look – why not pair it with some gorgeous, bold makeup cases to match? Our Clarity Jetset Case in Hot Pink is the perfect, bold case for all of your confident-exuding makeup products. This bright colored, clear makeup case is the perfect way to keep your Aries Makeup Palette stored safely.

Additionally, we love our Clarity Pouch Small in Hot Pink for a more on-the-go storage option. This perfectly sized clear makeup pouch is perfect for organizing all of your Aries-inspired makeup products, whether it’s on top of your vanity or in your daytime tote bag.

Aries season is here! Time to dig out your boldest and brightest makeup looks to match with this confidence-exuding season. Don’t forget to stock up on Truffle’s to store and organize all of your Aries makeup essentials. Happy Truffling!

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