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Alicia Wood’s Top Five Travel Tips with Truffle

Today we have a special guest taking the reins. Alicia Wood - lifestyle expert - is sharing her top five travel tips. From suitcases to essential clothing items; Alicia spills all of her need-to-know travel hacks. Happy Truffling.

Alicia Wood’s Top Five Travel Tips with Truffle

Alicia Wood, Lifestyle & Travel Expert

My husband and I love to travel and one of our goals is to create lifelong memories for our girls through travel. I am a big believer in being an organized traveler and Truffle makes it easy. I’m sharing my top travel tips with you today - including how I use Truffle’s fabulous designs.

My Top 5 Travel Tips
Tip #1: Carry-on ONLY!

My number one travel tip - no matter the time of year - is to make sure that you learn how to pack a carry-on bag. You do not want to be separated from your luggage especially during the holidays! Be sure to fold your clothing properly to maximize space, and pay attention to TSA 3-1-1 rules.

In November, I “made” all of my friends use a carry-on for our Punta Mita girl’s trip. They will never check their luggage again! It helps you get to your destination at least 30 minutes earlier, and who doesn’t want that?!

What is the Best Carry-On Suitcase?

My husband will say that the best carry-on suitcase is the Tumi Continental 4-Wheeled Carry-On; he prefers it for business and personal travel. If you ask me, I would say the best carry-on suitcase is the Paravel Carry-On Plus. It rolls through the airport like a dream and both the Tumi and Paravel have zipper compartments inside.

What is the Best Bag to Use as a Personal Item?

For my personal item, I either use the matching Paravel Weekender (you can get it monogrammed) or the MZ Wallace Metro Deluxe Tote. It usually depends on how much I am packing and how long I will be traveling.

Tip #2: Stay Organized

I use Truffle’s Clarity Clutches to organize all of my travel necessities. In the Clarity Clutch Large, I keep face masks, hand sanitizer, and charging cords. In the Clarity Clutch Mini, I keep all of our travel documents including passports, Truffle card case with ID and global entry cards. I also use the Clarity Clutch Small for skincare and makeup items as they are TSA approved. My favorite travel wrap comes in its own pouch, which is super convenient for staying warm and cozy on the plane and in the airport. Using Truffle is the key to easily finding everything in my bags.

Tip #3: Pack Efficiently

Packing efficiently with versatile pieces is essential to using a carry-on. I create an Excel spreadsheet with what I will wear for each day: mornings, afternoons and evenings. I know it sounds like a bit of overkill and Type A, but I’ll own it! Plus, it helps to avoid over-packing; even with the extra dress or two. I almost always take one of my Cuyana Oversized Alpaca Sweaters. I love them so much I own three colors! It’s the ultimate style piece and can be worn casual with shorts and jeans or dressed up for an evening out. My readers love this sweater and have made it a best seller on AWL year after year.

Next, I pack everything flat, one garment at a time. For years, I folded my clothes in neat stacks and put them into my suitcase side-by-side lining the edge with belts, shoes, hairdryers, curling iron, etc. My husband has always packed things completely flat, one item at a time. Of course, I thought he was crazy and he thought the same of me! We have laughed so many times because on most occasions he ends up saying, “You were right!” but not this time. I had to tell him HE was right! Packing flat is the key to getting more in your suitcase, no matter the size. My daughters pack this way as well and love it, too.

Tip #4: Be Early

Everyone’s frazzled when traveling these days so allow yourself plenty of driving time and time for lines at the airport. You should look at the Miflight app to check TSA lines and which one is the shortest in your departure terminal.

Tip #5: Always Pack Snacks!

 We’ve done this for years because of our food allergies but you never know when your flight might be delayed due to holiday travel or weather. One of my most important travel tips and tricks is using a Truffle Clarity Pouch Large to store our favorite bars and snacks! Hungry travelers are not happy travelers!

BONUS TIP: Enjoy It All!

After the past year and a half, I will never again take for granted the ability to travel and create these memories. As travel has changed since 2001 and continues to do so, we all have to roll with the flow and give grace to everyone we encounter. Count it all joy!

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