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5 Essential Makeup Items for Every Makeup Bag

We all know someone who has their makeup bag bursting at the seams and overflowing with different products that they rarely use. Let’s focus on what we really need, and only keep essential items for makeup in our bags. Different lifestyles have different needs. Here are 5 essential makeup items for every makeup bag, no matter your lifestyle.
5 Essential Makeup Items for Every Makeup Bag

Everyday Makeup Bag Essentials for Commuters

Commuting can be extremely exhausting, especially when toting around a 2-pound makeup bag. When running to catch a train or hailing a cab, a heavy makeup bag added to a laptop and lunch can get extremely heavy.

Essential Makeup Bag Items

  1. Concealer to hide your lack of sleep.
  2. Powder Foundation for a dusting of light coverage.
  3. Mascara for making the eyes POP.
  4. Highlighter so you can be a glowy goddess.
  5. Lip + Cheek Tint to add some color to the face.

Best Makeup Bag for Commuters

The Clarity Mini Jetset Case is great for taking with you on the go, applying on the bus/train, and won’t take up room in your tote or backpack (plus it’s super cute and you can see everything you need to).

      The Clarity Mini Jetset Case in Chalk via @glowasyougo

      Source: via @glowasyougo

      Makeup Bag Essentials for Working From Home

      Showing up to a small digital square on everyone’s computer does not warrant the same get ready time as it used to. Yes, we still want to look presentable. No, we do not have to worry about hiding every visible pore on our faces. As great as technology is, no one’s camera quality is that good.

      Essential Items for Makeup: WFH Edition

      1. Mascara because you want your coworkers to know that you have eyelashes.
      2. Brow Product to define and structure your face.
      3. Lip Product to add some color.
      4. Bronzer for contour (and to hide those few quarantine pounds). 
      5. Highlighter so you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed.

          Best Makeup Bag for Home

          The Clarity Jetset Case is ideal for those working from home because there is no need for space-saving, and it looks super cute on your desk or vanity.

                Clarity Jetset Case in Saddle via @this_is_essential

                Source: via @this_is_essential

                #SweatSquad Everyday Makeup Bag Essentials

                If you spend most of your time at the gym, you don’t want to look sweaty and red all the time. Wearing a bit of sweat-proof makeup can make you feel so good, but a little touching up can go a long way.

                5 Essential Makeup Items for the Gym

                1. Waterproof Mascara so you don’t mourn the fat loss.
                2. Sweat-proof Powder Foundation, because we don’t want our faces to melt.
                3. Tinted lip balm so we can add some color while staying hydrated.
                4. Setting Spray to lock it all in.
                5. Highlighter to add to the sweat glow.

                      Best Makeup Bag for the Gym

                      The Clarity Pouch Small  fits in most gym bags and you can easily see what you need without wasting your precious gym time.

                            The Clarity Pouch Small in Blush via @skinbeautyaddict

                            Source: via @skinbeautyaddict

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