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The Brand


TRUFFLE co-founders, Maria Harrington & Sarah Cusumano, are enamored with handbags. We love how they delight us, how they define us, how essential they are to the comings and goings of our lives. Yet, as functional as our stylish bags may seem from the outside, inevitably they evolve into a state of cluttered chaos on the inside. With a surprising lack of chic, utilitarian solutions in the marketplace for tidying up all we hold on to, all that we carry with us, the TRUFFLE brand was born.

Since inception, our goal has been to design and create solutions that are highly functional, versatile, reusable yet stylish. We began with the premise that clear is critical. To be able to see what is inside your bag is half the battle of feeling organized. Additionally, our solutions are flexible enough to hold any number of items, for a multitude of purposes, and fit easily into various bags. Finally, our products are reusable, yet feel effortlessly chic. We focused on high-quality fabrication, stylish yet wipeable fabrics, and modern, custom hardware so that our pouches can be used over and over, looking fabulous wherever they’re toted.

Whether packing for an exotic destination or a last minute getaway, dashing from work for a night out with friends, skipping to the park with your little ones, or scouring the market for tonight’s dinner, we want our brand to make you feel delightfully confident, with hopes that TRUFFLE unexpectedly inspires you along the way.


Because we believe that Inside is Everything. It’s the inside of a chocolate truffle that is the most delightful. Whether toting a beautiful designer handbag or a durable canvas carry-all, the inside of these bags can be just as lovely, functional or put-together as their outside appearance.


Maria brings a unique bi-coastal perspective to the TRUFFLE aesthetic having lived and worked in New York City, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Before co-founding TRUFFLE and realizing her entrepreneurial dream, Maria developed her business acumen working in investment banking and business development for a major music label.

Living between the San Francisco Bay Area and the beaches of Del Mar, Sarah’s style reflects a California-chic sophistication. Formerly a brand consultant who delivered strategy, positioning and sustainability solutions to her clients, Sarah brings branding expertise and a distinctive creative voice to the TRUFFLE brand.


Please email us at inquiries@onetruffle.com.