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Enjoy 15% off our curated collection of bundled sets. Perfect for all your Gal-entine's!

Bundle and Save with Truffle’s Curated Collection

We’ve curated the perfect collection of bundled Truffle bags, perfect for saving big. Shop the Truffle Bundle and Save collection for the perfect pairings for every type of Truffle lover!

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Travelers Love to Bundle and Save!

There’s no denying our Truffle’s are perfect for your travels! The hardest part can be choosing the *perfect* travel companion. With these curated bundle and save deals, the traveler can have all of the on-the-go essentials needed for traveling with ease, with extra savings to boot! Our Pack Perfect Bundle is an excellent choice for added luxury and privacy. Headed on a worldly expedition? Save with the World Traveler Bundle, equipped with all you’ll need for safely storing the essentials.  Maybe you’re just a weekender gal looking for a quick getaway. Try out our Weekender Bundle– perfect for stashing the smaller things needed for a weekend getaway. 

Bundle and Save While On-the-Go!

Truffle’s are the perfect companion for an on-the-go gal. Now you can bundle and save with our curated collection of on-the-go Truffle must-haves! From the Out and About Bundle, to the On-the-Go Bundle, to the Mini-Essentials Bundle. Each one of these bundles are curated specifically with a busy gal in mind. Keep your essentials secure and at-the-ready as you move about your busy schedule with these curated on-the-go Bundle and Save collections. 

Game Day Bundle and Save

Whether your calendar is filled with sporting events or your favorite concerts – Truffle’s Game Day Bundle is the perfect way to prepare yourself for all of your stadium events. Our collection of stadium-compliant bags are the perfect way to show up in style, without breaking any of the entry-rules (or breaking the bank).