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Posted by Sarah Cusumano on

"Aviator sunglasses! I always lose sunglasses, so I don't think I'll ever buy Ray Bans. So any cheapies that fit me
the right way, man, just gotta have 'em. // Organic coconut oil! I use it as a facial moisturizer mixed with a
bronzer, and for hair sleekness. I swear to you, it's magic. //  My favorite gold drip ring - I just adore this thing. //
Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick #12. Once Parenthood ended, I had to find a new direction in life.
Enter red lipstick. This Kate Moss shade is a bit coral-y, has the right amount of sass,  and I just dig how it makes
me feel. // This is extremely rare for me, but when my nails are clean, trimmed and manicured, I feel amazing. Not
too, too  much nail, but a small amount of white, with a clear coat of thickening polish and I'm good to go.
Simple but classic. Sally Hansen is what I've always used. Bam. //  My favorite n&w (my twins, Natalie and Will)
gold necklace. My best friend gifted me with this necklace right after the babies were born, and when it's not on
me, I feel super naked. // My staple look is dark denim jeans. Especially high-wasited these days, post babies. It's
slimming, it's sleek and it hides the c-sec hurricane aftermath. HOLLA. // I've had a black and white infinity scarf
for years now. I can be wearing something pretty cute,but I always feel "together" once I throw it on. It's thin
material, but a lot of it, so I can drape it on my shoulders or scrunch it up around my neck. It's pawfect! //
Madewell Transport Tote - I could  not adore this bag more. Its no-frill timeless leather look makes me feel
complete. Plus it holds never ending baby stuff. Win. // Okay, my hair is always a complete disaster, so if I have
the time to run a barrel curling iron through it for quick waves, I feel sooo much better. Just a simple one-inch
Conair Instant Heat curling iron does the trick. Keeps me out of self-esteem camp."

{image courtesy Bev Weidner // BevCooks}


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