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Posted by Sarah Cusumano on

" 1. A DIY Blowout. Since I work from home I tend to get pretty lazy with doing my hair!
I'm expecting my first baby in a few months and know the time I spend on myself will be even
less. I've started a routine of washing & blowing out my hair every 3 days.
It doesn't sound like much but having my hair 'done' really makes me feel pulled together!
I don't use many products in my hair but love Yarok's Heat Protector &
a tiny amount of Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day. // 
2. Blush. I only started wearing blush regularly a few years ago and
I find its the easiest way to bring a little color to my face. I like Benefit's Posie Tint
because it has a little glow. // 
3. A fresh manicure. I try to give myself a manicure
every week and treat myself to one every few months or before an event.
My signature color is a poppy red with a hint of orange-
I love to wear this color and do year round: Essie Enuff Is Enuff. //
4. A simple outfit. I love to dress up but I really always feel the most put together
when I'm wearing something simple and streamlined-- like a pair of white skinny jeans,

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